Whether you are just getting started with SAM, or you need to download a white paper, review reference material, or connect with an industry organization, you can find it here.


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SAM briefs

Use these tactical guides and documentation to create a successful SAM strategy.

The SAM Brief Series are in-depth guides designed to assist you in understanding Microsoft product licensing, provide guidance to simplify licensing and maintain license compliance, and help you to improve your software asset management policies and procedures.


FAQ provides answers to questions you may have about SAM.

This step-by-step list will help you keep track through the SAM process.

This quick guide provides an overview of the SAM implementation steps and Microsoft licensing.

The SOM brochure describes how to use SOM to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing infrastructure, and enable your organization to modify your SAM plan with the goal of advancing to more mature levels.

This document lists the major benefits that come with implementing SAM in your organization.

These customer testimonials describe how SAM benefited other Microsoft customers.

This presentation describes the benefits and steps of implementing SAM.