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Picture of a Surface Pro.

Surface devices

A man and a woman look at a Surface Pro.

Success with Surface

Familiarize yourself with the basic properties of your Surface device.

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A man uses a Pen on a Surface.

The power of pen

Create without limits and capture ideas naturally with Surface Pen.

A man and a woman look at a Surface Pro.

Managing Surface and Windows 10 Updates

Learn how to manage Windows 10 updates for your Surface device.

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An icon represents a video being projected.

How-to videos

Learn how to use the features of your Surface devices and accessories.

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An icon represents signal bars.

Remote work mobility with LTE Advanced

Discover how Surface helps you be productive anywhere.

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An icon represents a person pointing at a board while talking to other people.

Modern workplace training

Discover the joint power of Surface and Microsoft 365.

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An icon represents a cloud with two arrows.

Enable the Anywhere Office

Understand the technology features necessary to create a modern office.

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Surface Hub

Three people work together in a room on a Surface Hub.

Personalized sign-in

Learn how to sign into your Hub 2S to see your meetings and access your files.

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Two women work on a Surface Whiteboard to collaborate during a meeting.

Project from your device

Learn how to project to your Hub 2S.

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A woman writes on a Surface Whiteboard.

Microsoft Whiteboard experience

Learn how to unlock the most value of Microsoft Whiteboard on Hub 2S.

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A woman talks on Teams with 4 other people on a Surface Hub.

Microsoft Teams experience

Learn how to connect and collaborate with colleagues using Microsoft Teams on Hub 2S.

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