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Group of young students overlook a laptop computer

Igniting the Spark for a Career in Technology

June 3, 2019

Every young person should have access to the digital skills necessary...

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Group of FIRST Robotics students walking hand in hand guiding their robot out of the arena.

'Bot Builders and STEM Legends: Microsoft and FIRST Robotics Canada Empowering Teams to Succeed

March 18, 2019

Imagine building a 120-pound robot from scratch in only six weeks.

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Overhead view of residential neighbourhood featuring autumn colours.

Change in the Making: How Canada Learning Code & Code Mobile Workshops Empower Educators Across Canada

November 22, 2018

Limited access to digital skills threatens to widen the opportunity gap for access to 21st century skills. Making computer science education more accessible can help ensure young people are equipped with the skills required for the future.

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Pixilated photos of Minecraft game characters Alex and Steve.

Hour of Code & Computer Science Education Week

November 12, 2018

We believe in a future where every young person has the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to succeed in a world that’s being transformed by technology.

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Three children sit at desk smiling and laughing as they overlook a STEM activity.

Microsoft and Actua: A Partnership with Purpose

June 4, 2018

For more than twenty years, Actua has been Canada’s leading outreach organization building capacity among Canadian youth in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.

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Beautiful landscap of green grass, blue lake water, mountains on the horozon with a sun beam in the blue sky.

Right to Play’s PLAY Program Engages Youth in Play-Based Critical Thinking Activities

March 19, 2018

Over the past three years, Deserae Wycotte of the Williams Lake Indian Band, a First Nations community in British Columbia, has been focused on a mission “to instill an educational interest in youth at a young age, so they can keep that hunger in education.”

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Five young girls huddled around two Surface tablet computers engaging in hands on activity.

International Women’s Day 2018

March 8, 2018

At Microsoft, we want to create a diverse and inclusive environment that empowers all people to achieve more.

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Young man stands with his arms wide open holding a banana in front of colourful sign displaying letters H A C K

Microsoft Vancouver Empowering the Community to Do More Together

February 02, 2018

It’s just before 9am on a Monday morning, and the team at Microsoft Vancouver...

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Get Inspired to Act

Two young girls stand arm in arm in front of Microsoft step and repeat photo wall while holding a sign stating: Microsoft YouthSpark

Future Ready

Every young person should have access to the digital skills necessary to participate in a world being transformed by technology.

Large group of children and adults stand together in the middle of sand covered fields


Eligible Canadian organizations access services and products for the modern non-profit for free or at a significant discount.

Three indivuduals stand together with thoughtful espressions on their faces.


Eligible Canadian startups join BizSpark to receive free software, services, technical support, and Azure cloud credits.

Four youth display smiles and laughter as they engage in an activity together.


Join our Educator Community and get access to Skype in the Classroom, lesson plans, and free professional development.


With Help from Friends

FIRST Robotics Canada logo displayed above excerpt of nonrpofit mission statement.

Inspiring young people to pursue further studies and careers in the field of science, technology and engineering through running robotics competitions for school-age students.

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 Actua: Youth STEM Innovation, Juenesse STIM Innovation logo displayed above excerpt of nonrpofit mission statement.

Preparing youth to be innovators and leaders by engaging them in exciting and accessible science, technology, engineering and math experiences that build critical skills and confidence.

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Canada Learning Code logo displayed above excerpt of nonproit mission statement.

We envision a prosperous Canada in which all people have the knowledge and confidence to harness the power of technology to achieve economic and personal fulfillment.

Our mission is to design, deliver and partner on technology education programs for Canadians with a special emphasis on reaching communities that are underrepresented in the technology sector.

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Kids Code Jeunesse logo displayed above excerpt of nonprofit mission statement.

Empowering children, teachers and parents with the skills we all need to thrive in a technology driven society.

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