Confidently extend business apps with integrated advanced analytics

Deliver analytics with big data, predictive modeling, and machine learning to integrate with your critical applications, using data wherever it lives—the cloud, hybrid environments, or on-premises.

Machine Learning Server features

Bring analytics to your data

Analyze your data on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment without having to move it.

Choose the tools you prefer

Use the best tool and language for each data science process, including RStudio, R Tools for Visual Studio, SS*S, and R Client.

Build artificial intelligence-enabled apps

Enrich your R-based analytics applications by using industry-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence innovations from Microsoft.

Scale R analytics for big data

Analyze large datasets in-memory and scale predictions from individual servers to large clusters as your business needs change.

Experience enhanced, flexible deployment

Reduce time and error by deploying directly without model conversion. Easily deploy to a variety of platforms at scale and with robust security.

Innovate faster for your business

Get the latest scaling capabilities from Microsoft and capitalize on community open-source developments, including more than 9,000 CRAN R packages.

Adapt to future needs

Ensure stability with an R analytics solution that scales and adapts to future technology and platform changes.

Get support you trust

Deploy with confidence knowing you have 24x7 support from Microsoft—whether in Hadoop, Spark, Linux, Windows, SQL Server, or Teradata environments.

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