Back to School Sale

Save on everything your student will need for class with the best back-to-school sale products. With great prices on the technology they will need to study, research, write reports and enjoy down time, at the Microsoft Store you can do more, save more, and send them back to school in style. Discover just a few of the ways Microsoft can help you get to the head of the class:

Surface Book: Replace your old back-to-school supplies with one sleek device. With the option to use the Surface Book as a laptop or a tablet, with a keyboard, stylus, or both, it's a powerful multi-functional device that you can use for taking notes, writing papers, editing video, developing presentations and more.
Surface Pro: With a kickstand, and Surface Pen, plus the available detachable Type Cover, the Surface Pro gives you the power to manage your schedule, take notes, write reports, sketch ideas, check email and more.
Office: Get the Office software you need to write reports, create presentations, manage projects, and more. Choose from Office 365 versions which can allow you to share your software with up to 5 devices, ensuring that whether you’re carrying your tablet, laptop or working on your desktop PC, you’ve got everything you need to get the job done.
PC & Surface Accessories: Upgrade your device your way. During the Microsoft back-to-school sale you'll find great prices on the latest PC and Surface accessories, including Type Covers, speakers, sleeves and cases.
PC’s and Tablets: From 2-in-1 laptops to sleek and powerful tablets, Microsoft has everything you need to work to your maximum potential. Running the latest version of Windows, these PC laptop and tablet deals are just as impressive as they are affordable.
When you shop for school supplies online at the Microsoft Store, you'll not only get great prices on the technology and accessories you need, but you'll also get free shipping and free returns on every item every day. That means that you can shop with confidence now – and all year long.