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Verto Studio VR

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CAD $38.99

VertoStudio VR is a fully-capable mixed reality 3D modeling studio and generalized augmented reality tool! No mirroring or external software is required of any kind. You can use it to import FBX, OBJ, DAE (and more) files directly, then configure every aspect of the visual display of these models as either holograms on the hololens, or VR environments on windows MR headsets. Verto Studio VR gives you full editing control, directly down to the individual polygons.

Verto Studio VR Features
- Create 3D scenes from scratch without the need for external computers or software.
- Prefabs: Plane, Cube, Sphere, Torus, Cylinder, Sketch (draw in 3D), Terrain height map (image based), Text (supports custom ttf fonts)
- Object edit mode: Rotate, Translate, Scale, Select entire objects and manipulate their transforms.
- Includes real-world unit system for editing absolute position and scale of objects in meters.
- Snap to grid, snap to vertex, snap to edge, snap to face
- Low-Poly CSG (Union, Intersect, Subtract, Chisel)
- Live polycount reduction (quadratic mesh simplification),
- UV texcoord editing
- Subdivide
- Mesh smooth
- Vertex weld
- Grabbing objects & polygonal selections via grip buttons.
- Teleport and Fly locomotion support
- VR Skyboxes environments: Includes Blue sky, gray sky, light grey environments (or can be disabled).
- Immersive VR (IVR) scale setting via simple control to easily dial in scale of entire scene.
- Left-handed controller mode.
- Multiple editable lights
- Material editing: Phong, Reflective/refractive environment mapping, Bump mapping, Toon shading
- Runs custom GLSL shaders created in other versions of the app
- File importing: FBX, DAE, OBJ, and more
- File Exporting: OBJ and vsxproj (Verto Studio)
- Complete file compatibility with the SteamVR, iOS, and Mac versions of Verto Studio 3D
- Truly 3D holographic editing tools such as box select, 3-axis translation, rotation, etc.
- Import & place, move, scale and rotate existing Verto Studio 3D scenes & content in a mixed-reality environment.
- and more!

Steam Museum

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This is a virtual tour of the London Museum of Water & Steam using the Microsoft Mixed Reality headset. Move around the museum to follow the story of water in London and look at the working steam machines in the museum.

The London Museum of Water & Steam is an independent museum founded in 1975 as the Kew Bridge Steam Museum.

Situated on the site of the old Kew Bridge Pumping Station in Brentford, near Kew Bridge on the River Thames in West London, England, the museum is centred on a collection of stationary water pumping steam engines dating from 1820 to 1910. It is the home of the world’s largest collection of working Cornish engines, including the Grand Junction 90 inch, the largest such engine in the world. The site is an anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH).

Kew Bridge Pumping Station was originally opened in 1838 by the Grand Junction Waterworks Company, following a decision to close an earlier pumping station at Chelsea due to poor water quality. In the years up to 1944 the site expanded, ultimately housing six steam pumping engines as well as four Allen diesel pumps and four electric pump sets. The steam engines were retired from service in 1944, although two were kept on standby until 1958, when a demonstration run of the Harvey & Co. 100 inch engine marked the final time steam power would pump drinking water at the site.

The Metropolitan Water Board decided not to scrap the resident steam pumping engines and set them aside to form the basis of a museum display at a later date. This action bore fruit in 1974 with the formation of the Kew Bridge Engines Trust, a registered charity, by a group of volunteers previously involved in the restoration of the Crofton Pumping Station.

Today the site is an internationally recognised museum of working steam pumping engines, a reminder of the many pumping stations spread throughout London and the UK. In 1999, the United Kingdom government Department for Culture, Media and Sport described Kew Bridge as "the most important historic site of the water supply industry in Britain".

The Kew Bridge Engine Trust and Water Supply Museum Limited, a registered charity, has three aims:

1) to restore (and maintain) the five historic beam engines at the Kew Bridge site
2) to add other important water pumping engines
3) to establish a museum of London's water supply.

In 1997 the museum was awarded an Engineering Heritage Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Britain’s Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). A second IMechE Engineering Hallmark was awarded in 2008 for the restoration of the Bull engine, making the museum one of only 12 sites to achieve more than one of these awards.

NextVR - Live Sports and Entertainment in Virtual Reality

Rated 3 out of 5 stars There are 35 reviews

Experience the world's greatest sports, music & entertainment events in virtual reality.

NextVR provides profound immersion to put you right there in the action for NBA games, WWE, boxing, ICC soccer, concerts and stand-up comedy with all the energy and excitement of the venue. You can even explore haunted locations with Paranormal Evidence investigations, plus other award winning NextVR Originals.

Get courtside for live NBA League Pass games for the 2018-19 season, plus access replays, highlights and more on-demand.

Get in the ring for WWE and boxing matches.

Get on the pitch for soccer match replays & highlights.

Be on stage for Live Nation concerts and Gotham Comedy stand-up.

Find upcoming LIVE events and new experiences at NextVR.com/schedule, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Live game broadcasts in NextVR allow you to choose your favorite vantage point, or let NextVR control the action with the producer’s feed. Events also feature dedicated commentators and real-time integrated graphics.

NextVR is delivering the most immersive sports, music and entertainment experiences in virtual reality by providing access to events that fans may never see in person. Through world-class partnerships with industry leaders including the NBA, WWE, FOX Sports, Live Nation, International Champions Cup and Gotham Comedy, along with a growing selection of new original programming, NextVR provides fans around the world the opportunity to experience events with the highest fidelity in virtual reality.

How can we help?

Contact us through Twitter @NextVRHelp or email help@nextvr.com

About NextVR:
NextVR is the world’s leading virtual reality platform for delivering live sports, music and entertainment in virtual reality to fans globally. For more information, visit NextVR.com.

Moon VR Video Player

Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars There are 96 reviews
CAD $10.99

Moon VR Video Player is a powerful and easy to use VR video player. Moon VR Video player will give you an elegant and simple VR experience. Superb UI, excellent stability, clear file path, comprehensive format support, these are the Moon VR Video Player users’ favorite. Download with Moon VR Video Player, make your VR experience smooth and happy every moment.

Besonderer Hinweis:
If you can not play some H.265 encoded HEVC high-definition videos (usually MP4, MKV format), plase try to download this Extension.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/hevc-video-extension/9n4wgh0z6vhq?SilentAuth=1&wa=wsignin1.0

Note: This method only works with H.265 video.

Advantages over other VR players
1.Automatically show your new videos, so you don't have to choose the file path again and again
2.Automatically recognized the correct play format, no longer need to manually set the video format
3.Powerful decoding, even supports smooth playback of 8K/90mbs video
4.Simple and easy to use interface
5.Exclusive optimization for some wrong format VR video, to enhance the 3D stereo effect, reduce the screen ghosting and dizziness

1.Support MR head and handle control
2.Support external subtitles
3.Support audio track selection
4.Automatically identify video types
5.Collections of folders and individual videos
6.Unconventional 3D/VR video source repair (left and right eye swap, mirror reversal, Removing ghosting blur)
7.Adjust screen Size, Distance, Brightness
8.Adjust aspect ratio of the video
9.Adjust 180° 360° video FOV

Format support
1.Video format:
- Support video format (26 kinds)
- Support HEVC extension (need to download)
- Support MPEG2 extension (need to download)
2.Video types: 2D, 3D, 180°, 360°, 3D Side-By-Side (SBS), 3D Over-Under (OU)
3.Subtitle format: SRT, ASS, SSA,VTT
4.Audio format: AC3, DTS

If you have any problem or suggestions when using Moon VR Video Player , please contact us:
Official Email: info@rockvr.com

Aurore - Real Estate VR Experience

Rated 3 out of 5 stars There are 16 reviews

-- This is a technical preview version --

What is Aurore?

The mysterious sounding name originates in the French language and stands for red of dawn. This magical state, just before the sun rises, is something we got inspired of because it entails a certain kind of beauty we want to share with you.

Aurore is the world’s first Mixed Reality Real Estate Application that is going to introduce you to a stunning place you possibly could live in in the future.

Are you interested in buying a beautiful summer residence in southern France but you just don’t have the time to travel once around the globe?

We got you covered! With Aurore and Mixed Reality you can now have a look at your place of interest and really be there without having to leave your home.

What makes this experience special is our technology of room-scale VR, with 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF), a fully customizable surrounding, and an artificial intelligence, that is going to guide you through the apartment.

In short, while you move around freely in your future flat and explore every detail of it you can interact with Charles, your personal assistant Ava who has an answer to all of your questions.

We all know the situation: You are viewing an apartment and you like it, but you are wondering how it would look like with a marble floor, white windows or simply a leather sofa? Circumstances that were left to your imagination we can let you visualize now. Switch to the customize-mode and make your dream room become reality.

Genius Genetics


When you strap on the VR headset, get ready to head underwater because this unit is in our underwater research lab. If you’re going to learn about genetics, why not do it in the underwater lab?

But just because you’re underwater, it doesn’t mean you cannot take a side trip to an ancient library that holds the secrets to your genetics and chromosomes. Each of the ancient manuscripts will tell you what each of your 23 chromosomes does and beware the floating head and the hovering eyeballs.

The story of Gregor Mendel is an important one and in our VR world, it’s told in a comic book. Enter the candle lit room, turn on the radio (choose your favorite classical station) and open the comic to learn about how Mendel discovered genetic traits.

Take a field trip to a vineyard where we learn about the genetic traits of grapes, of all things. And Wendy the Science Teacher, shows us the mysteries hiding within our chromosomes when we take a genetic test.

Then take a journey through a special museum where you can travel around the cylindrical building seeing lifesize human cells and seeing the almost magical science of cells come to life right in front of your eyes. What’s even more cool is that you control your own travel. When you’re done with one exhibit, you can magically teleport to the next location.

Here’s the thing, it’s important to learn science (in fact, very important) but it doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating. In our virtual world, science comes to life and becomes amazing and immersive. Suddenly science is fun and cool and that’s what you want.

Oh, for teachers, the entire unit is based on Next Gen Science Standards.

Loci Memory Palace

Rated 3 out of 5 stars There are 2 reviews
CAD $6.29

What - Use Loci to Link In Your Mind. See https://iform.us. Loci is a method of loci mixed reality mind mapping application located in a virtual reality memory palace. It combines the method of loci memory technique and 3D mixed reality interaction with mind maps (graphs) to support you on your personal analysis tasks. These tasks can include looking for an apartment, finding out more about a disease, or deciding on a next job. Features initial import capability using "Load Graph" voice command for MindManager, Freemind, and GraphML format files.

Why - Loci uses three core concepts to help you organize, understand and remember; mind maps let you break a problem down into component parts to organize and do analysis, mixed reality interaction with mind maps lets you visualize in 3D to understand how they are related, and the method of loci persistent placement of mind map nodes lets you improve your recall of the mind map, even when you are not using the Loci software. In this way you can organize your problem, understand it, and remember it later when you need to use that information for decisions.

How - Loci is built for the Microsoft Mixed Reality. Loci supports spatial mapping so you can place nodes from your mind maps in relevant locations in your memory palace. Loci uses voice, gaze and gestures to enable you to make your 3D graphs (mind maps). You start by saying "add node" to make a node representing the problem you are working on, then you look at this node and again say "add node" to add more nodes for attributes of the problem, so you have a visualization of your problem. You can say "load image" to add nodes with images from files. You can link nodes together to show how they are related to each other. To load and save mind maps you use File Explorer or OneDrive. To help you understand how Loci works, it has a seven day free trial.

Where - Where you place and do things is very important to your memory. Locations in your memory palace are important to you. They have meaning that you effectively recall, and with Loci you can combine your visual and spatial memory.

When - Loci helps you on longer term problems you are working on, where you need to apply your capabilities for cognition. You may return to these problems over a span of weeks or months to arrive at the right decision. You use Loci when you have set aside time to do deep analysis at home or work.

Who - If you are solving complex problems, producing complex things, or planning or purchasing complex items or services, such as cars, houses, college, stocks, or medical treatment, you could benefit by organizing, understanding, and remembering your information by using Loci to link in your mind.

English Teaching Assistant VR

Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars There are 3 reviews

English Teaching Assistant VR is the world's first fully animated chat-bot in VR. It can keep up with conversations and accurately answer questions. It can dance, recite poetry, play games with you, and even tell jokes. It is also able to make eye contact, and lip-sync.

This is a free tester software that has been developed to display and showcase our most recent successes with development. It is currently in development and will receive monthly updates and additions, such as new locations, new skins, and overall general changes. It will eventually be used to direct English language learning courses and programs.


In order to speak to the bot, please hold down the correct push-to-talk button while you say your sentence. You will be able to see subtitles with your sentence, then let go of the button.

Microsoft Mixed Reality:
Thumbpad - Teleportation
Grip Buttons - Squeeze to talk

Before playing, please make sure you have speech services turned on. To turn speech services on, please follow the following instructions:
Windows settings --> Privacy --> Speech inking and typing --> turn on speech services

If you are not a native english speaker, we recommend turning on the following setting:
Windows settings --> Time and Language --> Speech --> turn on recognize non-native accents

We welcome and encourage constructive feedback as we progress and grow.

During Early Access, this bot is only able to respond to English. As we continue to update, we will be releasing further language integration. Please be patient with us during this time.

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