Alessandro Juliani

Actor, Director

1975-07-06 (46 years old) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Raised in the world of showbiz---his father was an actor and his mother was a dancer---Juliani launched his own entertainment career at an early age with a guest appearance on MacGyver. During his high-school years, he made money voicing TV cartoon characters and earned enough to pay for university. After college, Juliani tackled dramatic and musical stage roles in his native Canada while also racking up credits on a number of small-screen sci-fi series (Dark Angel, Stargate SG-1). But his big break came when he landed the part of a suspiciously efficient administrator on the lauded revamp of Battlestar Galactica. He followed that success with a minor role as a military-base technician in the 2009 adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen, as well as recurring roles on Smallville and the Syfy miniseries Alice.

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