George Nader



Devilishly handsome George Nader attended California's Occidental College, where he served as president of the drama club. The 6'1", 185-pound Nader trained at Pasadena Playhouse, making his first screen appearance in 1950. After starring in the execrable horror cheapie Robot Monster (1953), he gained prominence on TV as a frequent co-star on Loretta Young's weekly anthology. This led to a contract with Universal-International, where among other projects he appeared as Esther Williams' love interest in The Unguarded Moment and as the innocent victim of circumstance in Flood Tide (1958). He went on to star in three brief TV adventure series, The New Adventures of Ellery Queen (1958), Man and the Challenge (1959), and Shannon (1961). Nader spent the balance of his career starring in European sword and sandal epics, spaghetti Westerns, and science fiction films; he also penned a novel, Chrome, and produced and directed the 1963 feature Walk By the Sea. In 1968, George Nader won a whole new crop of fans in a series of German actioners, in which he was cast as FBI agent Jerry Cotton.