Peter Stebbings

Actor, Director

1971-02-28 (48 years old)

Canadian-born Peter Stebbings moved to New York City to study theater in his early twenties, but he didn't opt to stay in the Big Apple. Instead, after landing a few minor appearances on American TV, he returned to Canada, where he ended up starring in the acclaimed series Madison starting in 1993 -- eventually earning two Gemini nominations. Stebbings would remain comfortable with the format of television, going on to appear on a wide variety of shows over the coming two decades, like Traders, The Hoop Life, Relic Hunter, Jeremiah, Across the River to the Motor City, Flashpoint, Murdoch Mysteries, The Listener, and more. Stebbings would find a home in movies as well, notably playing the Greek god Helios in the 2011 film The Immortals.

Filmography Awards