Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

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Get reliable wireless freedom plus Microsoft touch technology on the go with this stylish Bluetooth mouse.

Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse | Souris tactile Bluetooth Arc

Go beyond point and click

This is more than just another a pretty pointer. It's a wireless mouse you can use with your Bluetooth-enabled laptop or tablet without having to tie up a USB port. Use it just about anywhere, even on a rough wood surface or carpet, thanks to Microsoft BlueTrack Technology. Curve it comfortably to get started, then smoothly glide your finger up or down the touch strip. When you're done, flatten the Arc Touch Mouse to turn it off, and slip it into your pocket or bag.

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bad ..

Beaucoup de problèmes de déconnexion




Works Great

I'm not sure why the negative reviews. Mine works great with my Surface 4. Connection is quick and stable. I love the fact that is unfolds flat and fits into a laptop sleeve easily. Battery life so far has been great.




Works anywhere!

I LOVE this mouse!!! :-) I've been using it for 9+ months, with my Surface Pro 3; and another of the same mouse for 3+ months, with work's Dell Venue 11. (I picked this mouse for the work computer.) I regularly use this mouse on my leg, while sitting, using my Surface Pro 3 on a tv table. It works GREAT!! :-) I also love that it can go flat; takes up hardly any room in my sleeve, bag, or desk storage cubby :-) (Also very good that pushing it flat turns off the mouse; my one caveat is to remember to push it flat, if done using it, but leaving it out [on tv table, desk, wherever], or else the mouse will stay on, and you'll go through batteries quickly.) When I pull out the mouse, and snap it up/on in meetings, people are in awe :-D




great for students

I use this in class paired with a surface pro 3. It is very compact and convenient to transport. It slips in my pocket. As soon as I snap it into shape it connects and is ready to go almost instantly. One suggestion for the future would be to give this a laser pointer so it can double as a presentation remote for powerpoint or other programs. Overall great product though




Does not stay connected

Bought this mouse in December. Stop so often that is not worth owning. Lies flat and easy to carry, but connection is horrible



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