Brenthaven BX2 Edge for Surface Book

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This protective case gives full access to the innovative features of the Surface Book while providing best-in-class protection.

Surface Brenthaven Case

Protect your Surface Book

Co-molded from TPU/PC materials, the BX2 Edge for Surface Book features Brenthaven’s Crumple Zone Corners, which absorb and dissipate the force of impact. The two-piece case is protective in both laptop and tablet modes, and includes a drop-down hinge to protect the bottom edge of the clipboard when separated from the device. Also includes a built-in Surface Pen slot and optional tether for secure Surface Pen attachment.

Dimensions: 9.07 x 12.94 x 0.58 in (230.38 x 328.68 x 14.73 mm) (H x W x D)

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Separates at the hinge

Two warranty replacements, with shipping costs more than the case was new, and the hinge has separated yet again where the silicone meets the hard plastic and the hinge falls apart. It sits immobile on a desk and opened once a day, I can't imagine how this would work in the field. Totally disappointing.

case has been great!

Bought it in December 2016. No over heating issues, no coming apart issues. Just piece of mind for the Surface Book from drops, etc.

Not worth the price

The case is fine, for about a month, and then it starts coming off your surface book for no reason and it's basically useless.

Over Heat Your Device With This Case

This case covers all the venting holes in your surface book. Don't buy it. Your surface book over heats with this case installed.

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