Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV Signature Edition 2-in-1 PC

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• 13.3-inch (337.82-millimeter) Full HD touchscreen • Intel Core i7-6500U • 8GB memory/256GB SSD

The inspiring Inspiron

Laptop productivity and tablet convenience converge in one versatile device with the Dell Inspiron 13. Use it in four unique ways—laptop, tablet, tent, or stand—for the freedom to work and play however you choose. It's great for heavy-duty multitasking, with a 6th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of memory, and lightning-fast 256GB SSD delivering loads of power. There's also a 13.3-inch (337.82-millimeter) Full HD touchscreen and Waves MaxxAudio to make everything look and sound fantastic. Includes stylus and integrated holder.

Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV Signature Edition 2-in-1 PC | Ordinateur 2 en 1 Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV édition Signature

The write touch

Sketch, take notes, or retouch photos onscreen with the included stylus. It's perfect for whenever inspiration strikes.

Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV Signature Edition 2-in-1 PC | Ordinateur 2 en 1 Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV édition Signature

Brilliant Full HD TrueLife display

Dell TrueLife displays deliver darker blacks and colors that pop for vivid graphics and lifelike video, perfect for gaming, watching movies, and viewing photos.

Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV Signature Edition 2-in-1 PC | Ordinateur 2 en 1 Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV édition Signature

Powerful Intel Core i7 processor

Faster than ever, the 6th Gen Intel Core i7 delivers striking visuals, extended battery life, and higher data transfer rates.

Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV Signature Edition 2-in-1 PC | Ordinateur 2 en 1 Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV édition Signature

Slim and light

With a frame that's just 0.75 inches (19.05 millimeters) thin and low weight of 3.44 pounds (1.56 kilograms), the Inspiron 13 is a breeze to carry in a bag or tucked under your arm.

Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV Signature Edition 2-in-1 PC | Ordinateur 2 en 1 Dell Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV édition Signature

Built to last

Inspiron laptops can survive short-term heat conditions up to 149°F (65°C). Hinges are still tight after opening and closing the lid 20,000 times. Commonly used keys have been tested up to 10 million times.

Windows User Interface with start screen | Interface utilisateur Windows avec écran de démarrage

The best Windows yet

Windows 10 delivers faster start-ups, a familiar yet expanded Start menu, and great new ways to get stuff done across multiple devices.

Logo for Signature Edition PC's | Logo PC édition Signature

Signature Edition PCs

• No Junkware or 3rd-party trialware
• The best computer, meticulously configured
• World-class security software
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Powered by Windows

Discover new ways to work and play with Windows on all of your devices. Be productive with Office, Skype with friends, watch movies and play games with Xbox, or access files anywhere with OneDrive.

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Support from Answer Desk

Enjoy worry-free technical support and protection. Our friendly Answer Techs can answer your questions, resolve your problems, and help safeguard your new device.

Tech specs


13.3 in (337.82 mm) Full HD LED touchscreen (1920 x 1080), 10-finger multi-touch support


Intel Core i7-6500U 2.50 with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.10 GHz


8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz

Hard drive size


Operating system

Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

PC type

2 in 1

Optical drive


Media drive

SD card reader


Waves MaxxAudio


Intel HD Graphics 520 with shared graphics memory


3 USB 3.0 (1 PowerShare) • HDMI • Headphone output/Microphone input combo


3-cell 43WHr*


Integrated webcam


802.11ac/a/b/g/n (Miracast enabled)


Bluetooth 4.0


13.00 x 8.74 x 0.75 in (330.00 x 222.00 x 19.00 mm)


3.44 lbs (1.56 kg)




Model number: Inspiron 13 i7359-8408SLV • Keyboard: English • Includes stylus with integrated holder • Precision touchpad • Backlit keyboard • TPM 2.0 • Keyboard travel: 1.3 mm • Touchpad dimensions: 105 x 65 mm • Security lock slot

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Bought this for University, worth its money!

I bought this laptop for university, approximately 8 months ago so I can give you a long term review. I got this one sale for an awesome price that clearly reflects its value. I didn't have WiFi problems like everyone says they do, and I was able to start using this immediately (however I did run Windows Update). I love that this is a Signature device, so it was clean from the get go meaning that I don't have to go uninstalling bloatware. It is a plastic body, so it should be noted that it looks like aluminum until you actually touch it. But at least it doesn't scratch easy like metal bodies. The only slight problem that I would have is that the touch screen glass on the right bottom corner has lifted very slightly (but it isn't visible) so that every time I touch that right bottom corner I hear a click. This is only a slight annoyance that I can easily over look considering that this performs great. I use this hours every day and I typically gets me 6 hours of Netflix in one go too!




Features are great

I bought this couple of weeks ago and I really like it.





I bought this laptop a month ago (Dec 2016) and right from the start the fan noise has been horrible and inconsistent. The touchpad is a disaster (have to use a mouse). I already have data on it so I don't like to return it. The USB ports are as stiff as it can get. This laptop has left me speechless considering I waited years to upgrade. I chose SSD and 8GB RAM and i7 instead of i5 Intel, thinking that would make it great but the fan noise, touchpad, and the ports ruined what could have been a nice laptop. Even worse I had to upgrade (and pay) to Windows Pro just to use encryption. Apparently not allowed here to mention brand name of my current laptop that still functions after 5 years but with little space left. I'm stuck using this laptop as I need Windows. Not blaming Microsoft and wished bought their laptop instead.




Microsoft service

I bought a Dell Inspiron 13 i7359 in June 2016. I experienced what was first thought to be a software problem, (boot sequence was freezing) but later the issue was determined to be a loose connection with the SSD. While I would rate the Inspiron only 3 stars given this problem and as I find the touch screen is finicky around the edges of the screen, I give the Microsoft technical help team 4 stars for effort in trying to help. 4 stars because I spent about 4 hours on the phone trying to identify the problem. I also rate the customer sales staff a full 5 stars, they were really efficient & reasonable in helping to process an unrelated refund and apply a credit to a change in microsoft office subscription.




Terrible Product

I purchased this laptop in August because there was a really good deal on it. When I first got it I was really excited because it was fast, battery life was like 6 hours and just seemed like a great product. If you're considering of buying this laptop...DON'T! On paper, this is a great a product. Great bang for the buck. But in a matter of 2 months, my battery life has gone from 6 hours to 2 hours. The fan on this is terrible and extremely loud. It overheats every time I use it. The bottom of the laptop is is burning as as I type. Even the keyboard I can feel the heat come through. Extremely disappointed with Dell and with Microsoft. Also, good luck with connecting to the internet on this. You need to turn on and off the computer several times till it connects to my WiFi (however, if you read reviews you'll notice a lot of people complain about this and no update on this). Also the mouse has a mind of its own. Sometimes it clicks on things by itself. I want my money back. And I regret not spending more to get a better product. But I cheaped out and got an EXTREMELY TERRIBLE PRODUCT!!! Buyer BEWARE...




Amazing Batterry Life

I brought this a month ago , and first I was skeptical but now, this product is worth it, with an amazing hardware it is totally worth it.




My 3rd or 4th Replacement

I first purchased this laptop from Microsoft Online Store back on August 1, 2016 and wrote a review about it. Let me make this clear: I'd recommend this laptop IF AND ONLY IF you have a tremendous amount of patient. Read on for my experience with this laptop: 1. As my previous review mentioned, the first laptop that I received came with the touch pad trim popped up. Also, while using the touch pad the mouse can behave erratically. I thought the untamed mouse pointer had something to do with the physical defect, so without thinking much I contacted Microsoft Support right away to arrange for a replacement. After dealing with Support and getting all the information I received a replacement laptop 2 weeks later. 2. Various support I spoke with had ensure that the replacement laptop is brand new, which was the main reason I asked for a replacement instead of a refund to repurchase the laptop. What I didn't know was that the replacement time frame would took around 2 weeks. After a long wait I was excited to receive my replacement, but I was disappointed. There was a dent on the shell and the gap between the shell and the screen was prominent especially at the corners. In fact, the gap was huge enough to collect dirt and was visible with the original plastic bag on. I contacted Support immediately, and they were willing provide me with another replacement. Since the promotion was already over, the only option I had was to go through another replacement. However, this time the Support had issue with placing the replacement order because of a technical issue that was not resolved for more than a week. Needless to say I was frustrated and disappointed because I needed the laptop for work and travel in the middle of September. Guess I should plan 3 - 6 months in advance if I need a new laptop for work. The Support ensured that I was updated throughout, but I simply could not understand how on earth the ordering system was not working for more than a week. In the end I had to ask for a refund and repurchase the laptop just so I could get it the night before I fly. 3. I was able to receive the laptop the night before I fly, and this time the laptop came without any cosmetic defects. I took it to travel and had use it on a regular basis since. After spending more than half a month with it, I have noticed that the keyboard feedback was great but the size of it may take sometime to get used to. If you are someone who constantly uses the HOME and END button then you will need to get used to the function + arrow key to get the job done. Since I am constantly on the go, I use the touch pad a lot and that's where all the frustration comes from. The touch pad can be unresponsive at times as I had mentioned in my previous review, but I thought that was due to the physical defect of the touch pad trim. Turned out it maybe an electrical grounding issue. I have noticed that the touch pad mouse is decent to use when the adapter is plugged-in. When the laptop is on battery placed on a wooden table, the mouse pointer would become so untamed that I couldn't even use it. I thought maybe the system was running out of RAM with the multiple tabs I have opened, but that's not the case. I did some research and found a similar pattern across users who have similar issues: when the touch pad behaves erratically while on battery, the laptops are usually placed on wooden surface. Then I read someone saying it has something to do with the EMI, so I thought I'd give grounding a try while on battery. I haven't test this enough, but at least the mouse is not flying all over the place. Looks like I still have a long way to go in the Taming of the Mouse journey, but I do enjoy the rest of the features of this laptop and the price is really hard to beat. All in all, the laptop itself is decent and I'd recommend it if you have a lot of patient to troubleshoot things. If you want to avoid any cosmetic defects like the ones I had with the first two laptops, I'd suggest picking this up in the store and inspecting it thoroughly before you pay. Please note that I have no problem with running on Wi-Fi right out of the box in all 3 laptops that have had my hands on, but to be honest that's only a small fix if you have that problem. The bigger problem is the touch pad sensitivity In my previous review I mentioned reading somewhere that a newer touch pad driver would solve the problem but turned out this laptop uses the Microsoft Touch Pad Driver which didn't get updated since 2006. I tried installing other touch pad drivers to no avail. The driver either won't install or has no effects. At this point in time, I just have to ground the laptop while I am on battery and see how far this will get me. If you think that the price and spec is hard to beat like me and have a lot of patient and don't mind to poke around the web to troubleshoot on your old, this laptop maybe for you; otherwise, look elsewhere. Good luck.




Not a good laptop

I bought this laptop on sale for school and now I know why it was on sale. I'm not sure if the one I got was just defective or if they are all like that but the track pad does not work, the mouse freezes and never clicks when you want it to, the computer is the slowest laptop I've ever owned and it overheats and gets very hot from right off the bat. Would not recommend to a single person, if you want a good laptop AVOID AT ALL COSTS.



Dishant M

Nice leptop

Very nice ,recomanded buy




great features

I bought an I5 and I'm looking forward to switch to I7.



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*Based on Dell Lab testing. Battery life varies by configuration, operating conditions, and other factors. Maximum battery capacity decreases with time and use.

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