Incipio NGP for Microsoft Lumia 950 (Black)

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Keep your Microsoft Lumia 950 protected with this durable, but stylish case featuring a sleek, polished black design and soft-shell technology.

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all good

Bought it for the protection. No issues. perfect fit and finish.




Good fit

A no-frills case that works well. Everything lines up quite nicely and the camera hump is below the level of the case, in the back. I'm very happy with it.




Great Case

Well made and fits perfectly. Also very stylish. All features of the phone are accessible.



Steve F

Precision fit and grippy protection for the 950

Incipio cases are my absolute favourite, and the Incipio NGP for Lumia 950 is no exception. It is made so exactly that the holes cut out of the case for the sensors align perfectly: the microphone, charging, and headphone sockets are exactly in the centre of the holes in the case. That's quality! The case fits snugly and provides a very comfortable and secure grip for my dry, construction-worn hands. The plastic is dense enough to feel solid, but soft enough that I would be confident my phone would be fine after a fall onto concrete. There's even a bit of a lip around the edge of the screen to keep the screen off a surface ifI place the phone face-down, or cushion the screen if it were to fall onto the device edge. All-in-all, I'm very pleased with this case: it's a clean, functional, precision-manufactured case that only makes the Lumia 950 ownership experience better. And that's why I buy Incipio.



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