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Microsoft Complete covers accidental damage to your laptop and includes two years of technical support.

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MultimediaKeysYesNo False
ScrollingWheelYesNo False

Protect your Laptop with Microsoft Complete

Accident protection and extended service for your device—plus unlimited software support and training from Answer Desk—for two full years.* Add Complete at time of device purchase or within 45 days of your purchase** to get it all, not to mention valuable extras like PC Tune-Up, Virus Removal and Protection, and personal in-store training at no extra cost.

Your laptop is at the center of your life, so you're going to want to keep it running with support and warranty plans that cover just about anything that can happen, even accidental damage. Save your laptop and your budget with two years of hassle-free hardware protection with Microsoft Complete. For additional peace of mind, protect yourself with two years of unlimited access to Microsoft Answer Techs. Our technology professionals will help you get the most from your device and resolve issues quickly.

  • Complete hardware coverage: A two-year extended warranty including accidental damage protection
  • Software Support: Get two years of software support from our knowledgeable Answer Techs
  • Support from the source: Personalized support you can trust from the people who know Microsoft products best

Ratings and reviews

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Awful Support Service

I bought Microsoft Complete with my laptop on their online store about 1.5 years ago. It was a headache trying to reach their support staff to replace a battery and the motherboard. I had called in 4 different times and was transferred to dead lines. During the 5th time, their rep informed me that I had to go a Microsoft Store to process my claim form. That's not what they said when I purchased this online. I also kept telling him that I lived 3 hours away from the nearest store. He then just transferred me to a local employee at the nearest store and took off. My only option is driving at least twice to Toronto to use this plan. Microsoft Complete may be useful if you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton. If you live elsewhere, don't buy it!

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Don't believe the warranty

I bought my laptop about 1.5 years ago, so the warranty was still in effect. My usb port got damaged from a spill a few days ago. As I was purchasing my laptop, I was told the complete warranty covered everything from A-Z. Instead what I was offered was a credit on my computer which I could use to buy a new one (but I would've lost money since I got my computer on a sale). My advice to all those who want to get the extended warranty, DON'T. It practically means nothing except 'sell us your computer and buy a more expensive one from us'

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Will never buy again - deliberately incompetent!

I bought a laptop from Microsoft store over a year ago, and got Microsoft complete for laptops with it, knowing it covers accidental damage. A month and a bit ago I dropped my laptop and the battery stopped working. I immediately looked into the warranty, and double checked that the damage was covered - it was. Called Microsoft support, and had a wait time of four hours before they called me. When they finally did, I was told by multiple people that the warranty doesn't cover damage, and was I sure I had the Microsoft complete for laptops? After being transferred several times and getting nowhere, I gave up. My mom called, and also gave up after a few hours. I called again and was transferred six times before I was put in contact with someone who even knew what the warranty did and did not cover. Spent an hour on the phone with him giving information, and he told me to expect an email about the shipping label later on. A week and a half later, we heard nothing, so I called back and found out the case had been 'resolved' and he was no longer in charge of it. Again, I was transferred several times, and finally put in contact with an employee who understood the problem and was apologetic. He took over the case, and said I would receive an email in the next few days saying that the shipping label and box to send the damaged laptop in had shipped to me. It has been two weeks and I have heard nothing. I called once again to ask about the delay, and was brushed off and told to await an email. Microsoft has been completely incompetent in resolving an issue that should have been easy, given it is stated CLEARLY in the warranty terms and conditions, and should be common knowledge. Instead, I believe it is deliberate to stop people from sending in damaged laptops for fixing or replacement. I am extremely dissatisfied, and will never be buying from Microsoft again. (I would like to add that I am several hours from any Microsoft retail stores, and thus have to deal with the online support)

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it is very hard to get my laptop repaired

I want to send my laptop back for repairing. I called microsoft customer services and it is very hard to get a right person to handle it. I am very frustrated. I was asked to send the copy of my purchase receipt to the email address: I am very curious the email address is not, but I need help from Microsoft!

If only I could put 0 star

this service is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad OMG

Great deal on laptop, not sure about Microsoft com

I recently purchased laptop together with Microsoft complete. I did not use it until now

Dell laptop I5 with ms complete

excellent product and price/performance

Would never buy a laptop without this

Have purchase several machines for my family over the past few years and this warranty has been a no-hassle, no questions asked instant replacement for damaged hardware at the retail stores.

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*Microsoft Complete is available with the purchase of a PC or tablet and must be purchased at time of device purchase or within 45 days after purchase with device inspection required at a Microsoft retail store. Hardware coverage is described here. One Accidental Damage claim allowed within the two-year warranty period. Claim is subject to a $99 deductible. For service plan support, please call 1-855-425-5911 or visit a Microsoft retail store. Please have your PC or tablet serial number available when you call. Microsoft Complete is underwritten by Amtrust, and additional terms apply.

**Device inspection required at a Microsoft retail store.