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Mohu Leaf 50 HDTV Antenna

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The high-performance Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV antenna features a smart digital amplifier with advanced RF filtering so you can watch local TV stations for free in 1080p.

Mohu Leaf 50 HDTV Antenna | Antenne pour téléviseur HD Mohu Leaf 50

Bye bye big cable bill

The Leaf 50 indoor HDTV antenna makes it possible to watch local digital TV stations for free without the hefty monthly cable bill. Featuring a low-noise amplifier, this top-performing antenna is optimized specifically to filter out any additional RF signals that can disrupt picture quality. Powerful, this antenna picks up signals within a 50-mile (80.47-meter) range, and its amplifier is powered by USB or any standard AC wall outlet. And the amplifier only draws power when your TV is on.

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Mohu Leaf

Does not work for us. At no place is there any reference that for one to use this you need a smart TV. Bought new smart TV, this still does not work in our area

I can't believe it works!

Bought this unit on the recommendation of fellow r/Ottawa redditors. It's a breeze to mount and as long as you know which way the nearest broadcasting antenna is located you'll be up in no time. I had more success with mounting it high on the wall (up against the ceiling) than I did mounting it in the window. In Ottawa, I'm getting 14 channels with probably a couple having a weaker signal. The HD picture quality is stunning and better than Rogers'. It is however a little unsightly. However, if you really wanted to you might be able to paint it the color of your wall (check with manufacturer first though).

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Works great. No problems getting all OTA channels.

I wasn't sure that I would get all 6 OTA channels here in Calgary. The broadcast towers are in the NW part of the city and I am in the deep SE by the hospital. I hooked up the powered Mohu leaf to the xbox tuner and got all 6 channels OTA perfectly with the antenna just dangling over my fireplace in the middle of the house. I eventually placed the antenna upstairs attached to the wall, running the signal through the Coax house network to the main floor TV/Xbox one. No problems getting a perfect signal on all stations. I used to determine if I would get a good signal, also there are no tall buildings between my house and the broadcast antennas on Signal Hill. It works, even in the suburbs of Calgary.

Impress by the quality

Very promissing only have it for a couple day, but the image quality is great and the number of station is impressive.

Itr works perfect

it's so easy to install and has nice color nad very happy with it, and the price is perfect

Very easy setup!

This one was so easy to mount to my highest window at home, and it came with a long cable to allow me to do so. Thanks to its height, I was able to capture a good 4 channels more than my old TERK antenna - which was already impressive. I must give this one a 4 on 5 stars because you will need to play around with the location a bit in order to figure out what spot captures the most channels. Otherwise love the sleek design and easy of use and I recommend this product.

Great Product

I bought this a month ago. It works great. Very Easy to setup. Excellent results, even better than the cable. Very nominal price.

True 1080p signals, and FREE

Very happy with the product. Although only 6 channels at where I am, it's 1080p quality is just amazing!

Does what it advertised.

I got rid of cable 10 years ago, but I do miss Sunday NFL football. I thought I would gamble on this and see if I could pick up my some local stations. There are 7 Over the Air Stations where I live and I got them all in HDTV. Its actually quite good quality. I'm about 25kms in as the crow flies from their broadcast towers and live in the suburbs (southern Calgary). It does take a while to get the antennae placement right, through trial and error, but once I found the sweet spot I received no problems. You also definitely need to use the built in ampliphier option. I also bought the separate Hauppauge adapter for my computer (Windows 8.1) and that worked well with the antennae, and I also tried the haupage adapter / Mohu antennae on my xbox one. Both worked great. So good that I will buy another antennae so I don't need to move it around.

Did not help with xbox one tv tuner

Purchased this as a test for the Hauppauge xbox one tv tuner to boost the signal range as the original product could not pick up a channel. I tested this in various spots with the amplifier plugged into a usb connection and the supplied power plug (and also without the amplifier) but this was not able to pick up a channel either. I could not indicate if the tv tuner was defective or both antennas' being tested were not working (i would have to point to the tv tuner) but at this moment it did not work and will have to rate poorly due to my experience.

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