Surface Pen Loop (Red)

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Keep your Surface Pen close at hand with Surface Pen Loop. The loop is self-adhesive so you can stick it to your Surface Cover.

Never lose your Pen again

Secure your Surface Pen with the Pen Loop and have easy access to quickly take notes or mark up a document. Simply stick the Pen Loop to the cover of your Surface and go.

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Does it's job

Expected it to hold my pen, pretty satisfied so far. No problems as of yet.

Great at holding pens stylus' etc

I have about 10 of these holders. All work great for holding most wrenches

Pen loop

Work great better than magnets on the surface 4 and the adhesive is very string

Pen holder

Works well once its stretched pen holder is great.

Two are better than one

The pen loop is a simple and inexpensive device for attaching the Surface Pen to the Surface Pro 3. For added security, I use two of them attached along the top of Surface Pro 3 body, one on either side of the camera lens and sensors. This holds the pen in two places providing a very snug grip.

Limited life expectancy

I purchased 2 loops, one to place on the key board and another to place on the Surface by the camera to hold the pen when I don’t have the keyboard attached. Because I don’t use the keyboard much it hasn’t fallen off yet. The loop attached to the Surface fell off after a couple weeks of daily use. I used some removable double sided tape designed for hanging wall hooks to reattach it and it hasn’t moved again since.

It's Just OK

It does hold the pen but it is difficult to get the pen in and out. It almost seems more trouble than it is worth.


I have used the pen loop that came with my Surface Pro 3 because it's handy and practical. I've put my Surface Pro 3 through a lot of abuse, and I can tell you that the pen loop adhesive sticks extremely well, and the pen loop has never detached from the back of the Surface Pro 3. The fabric-type of material is initially tight around the pen but loosens just enough over time so that the pen slides comfortably out of the loop, but still stays snug inside of it. The fact that you can stick the pen loop anywhere on the back of the Surface Pro 3 (excluding the stand, of course) is a great idea. Highly recommended.

really not useful

cheap want a review ...... i give you one if that is not good enough ....then take off...will never use your site again this is a pain in the ....

OK but not really usable

I got this with my Surface.. Why would you stick it to the outside of the cover? It falls off. And the tab is too long to stick on the inside of the cover beside the keyboard keys. Also, trying to get the pen in and out will have it pulled apart in no time because it is very tight going over the buttons. Maybe an elastic tab attached to the top of the cover would work better.

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