Wireless Desktop 900

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Be more productive with this Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse set.

Wireless Desktop 900

Wireless without worry

This slim and stylish mouse and keyboard are built for comfort. The keyboard actually helps protect your information with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which encrypts your keystrokes so you can go wireless while staying secure. Each keyboard is permanently paired with its receiver at the factory, so nothing is ever shared over the air. Combine that with an average battery life of two years, and you've got a wireless desktop that's perfect for using with your Bluetooth-enabled tablet, laptop, PC or phone.

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Plays well with MS Wireless Display Adapter

I have set up a standing desk in my wife's office, using this wireless keyboard and mouse and a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. She leaves her laptop docked at her primary 'sitting desk', projects her screen to the MWDA, then walks over to the standing desk with its wireless screen/mouse/keyboard. On the first attempt I bought the Microsoft Designer series keyboard and mouse which use pure Bluetooth, in contrast to the USB dongle that handles the wireless communication with the laptop. It seemed simpler to just use Bluetooth -- but the performance was terrible. The mouse seriously lagged, and the MWDA would frequently disconnect. Her office is an a building with many Wifi networks running on every conceivable channel which probably didn't help. Using the Wireless Desktop 900 with its USB dongle helped a lot -- the mouse responsiveness is way better and the MWDA rarely disconnects. I also like the 900 keyboard layout better than the Designer keyboard layout. The Designer had the Home/Insert/PageUp/PageDown keys in a non-standard vertical bar, and the arrow keys were hard to find by touch. The 900 places both the arrow keys and the H/I/PU/PD keys in a more traditional layout.




This is not a Bluetooth Enabled keyboard set.

If you want a Bluetooth enabled set, this is not the set for you.



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