Xbox Controller and Wireless Adapter for Windows

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Experience advanced precision and comfort on Windows 10 PCs, laptops, tablets and Xbox One with the Xbox Controller and Wireless Adapter. The controller features responsive thumbsticks and an enhanced D-pad. The adapter can handle up to eight controllers, up to four chat headsets and two stereo headsets. Includes USB extender cable. This is everything you’ll need to elevate your gameplay wherever you go. Works only with Windows 10 devices.*

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The best PC gaming controller

I am a Playstation / DualShock fan but the lack of an official Windows driver from Sony sent me looking for something better. DualShock 4 is great because you can sync using a standard bluetooth connection but most games don't support DS4 on pc, and the ones that do very rarely show the proper buttons in game (instead of X / Triangle / Square and Circle they show something like 1,2,3 and 4). With this controller and the wireless receiver I am able to get gaming in the exact same way you would expect to on a console. you plug in the USB wireless receiver and hit the Xbox button on the controller, done. If you wish to make sure your controller firmware is up to date: download the app 'Xbox Accessories' from the Microsoft Store. This will update your controller wirelessly. Thing I like about this controller: 1) Easy installation (although I hear it ONLY works on Windows 10 which is a pretty 'Microsoft' thing to do 2) Microphone AND headphone jack work natively. They install as sound devices within Windows 10 immediately after you plug in the headphone jack. I use a pair of Samsung headphones that I got with my phone and they work fine as headphones / microphone. 3) Although AA's seem like a worse idea than a rechargeable battery I actually find myself preferring them now. DualShock 4 has 1000 MaH battery and anyone with a PS4 knows that it doesn't last very long. I bought some Panasonic Enerloop rechargeable AA's (4 pack). Each battery holds 2550 MaH and the controller requires two of these batteries. My controller now has 4100 MaH more battery capacity than a DS4 AND when they die, I just swap AA's and charge the old pair. Long review but a good review is hard to find these days. This is the best PC controller you can get if you have Windows 10.



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*For use with controller-compatible games on Xbox One or PCs and Tablets running Windows 10 with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. Significant firmware update may be required; ISP fees apply. Please visit for update instructions.