Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

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Unlock your full-gaming potential with this pro-level controller that adapts to your unique style of play and gives you the competitive edge.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Manette sans fil Xbox Elite

Game-changing accuracy

Give your gaming a helpful boost with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. It adapts to your hand size and play style, so you get better control across all gaming genres. The new, faceted D-pad enables easier and more reliable combo execution, while the traditional D-pad provides precise control to change weapons or call in a strike.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Manette sans fil Xbox Elite

This fit's personal

Swap between a variety of metal thumbsticks and D-pads for personalized control and ergonomics. Discover configurations that can improve accuracy, speed, and reach with thumbsticks of different shapes and sizes.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Manette sans fil Xbox Elite

Interchangeable paddles

Packing four slots for interchangeable paddles, it's easy to attach and remove paddles on the fly. Now you don’t have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute intricate jump, aim, and shoot combos.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Manette sans fil Xbox Elite

Hair Trigger Locks

Fire faster and save precious time with the flip of the Hair Trigger Locks. Each trigger has one for independent control. And with the app,* you can fine-tune the trigger settings to fit your playing style.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Manette sans fil Xbox Elite

Infinite freedom and flexibility

Customize your experience even further with the easy-to-use app. Adjust trigger min/max values, thumbstick sensitivities, and button assignments, so the controls are exactly the way you want them.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Manette sans fil Xbox Elite

Designed to perform

Stainless steel thumbstick shafts, D-pads, and paddles are built to last. Low-friction, reinforced rings around each thumbstick minimize wear and provide buttery-smooth action.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Manette sans fil Xbox Elite

Be ready for anything

Each profile you create in the app is stored in the cloud, and two profiles can be saved on the controller too. So no matter where you play, your profiles are always with you.

Tech specs

System requirements

For use with Xbox One systems and PCs running Windows 7 or later. PC use requires included USB cable or Wireless Adapter.


Includes 3.5mm stereo headset jack. Also compatible with the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and all other 1st party Xbox One controller accessories.

Haptic feedback

Features Impulse Triggers** and rumble motors. Motor control can be adjusted in the app.


348g (+/- 15g) when using with 4 paddles, faceted D-pad, AA batteries, and standard thumbsticks attached


Wireless or wired using included 9’ USB cable. Data transfers through the USB cable when connected to the controller and console/PC.

Battery type



2 AA (included). Compatible with Xbox One Play & Charge Kit (sold separately).

In the box

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
  • Carrying case
  • 4 paddles
  • 6 thumbsticks: standard (2), tall (2), and domed (2)
  • 2 D-pads: faceted and standard
  • USB cable
  • AA batteries
  • Quick setup guide and product manual

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Mr. Chevalier


I see quite a few negative reviews about this controller. I've had mine for maybe about 2 months after it first got released and had bought it from EB with warranty. Returned the first one due to connectivity issues but the second one that I got was perfect. It's been almost a year since I've been using the elite controller, constantly switching between my Xbox one and PC, and it has been working perfectly for me. The build quality is 10/10 and it has improved my skills a lot when it comes to FPS games, thanks to the customizations/button mapping. Would definitely recommend this to any gamer from casual to pro. When I buy my second one (for PC, so I won't have to keep switching), I'll be buying it from the Microsoft store directly. Thx for making such a great controller that has good build quality and that is affordable, especially when compared to other "pro" controllers 👍. When will we be able to customize it like the other new Microsoft controllers? That's what I'm waiting for ✌.




Thoroughly Impressed

Remarkable quality overall. I have owned this controller since December 2015 and it has endured 3 gamers' play-styles: a button-mashing / trigger-slapping / stick-flicking / prop-the-controller-up-on-your-lap-to-mega-mash brother, another brother who suffers from narcolepsy and drops the controller onto the laminate floor at least 2-3 times a week, and myself who frequently switches out the parts (since I'm the only one who uses them). All of the above occurs on a near-24/7 basis and only the left hand rubber grip has crimped and expanded (yes, expanded) out of the fitting, and the right hand grip is showing signs of the same problem. I have experienced ABSOLUTELY ZERO decline in the quality of the face-buttons, the shoulder buttons, d-pad, or triggers. However, both analog sticks have very slightly loosened although it has not had an effect on the neutral position sensing. I will not hesitate on buying a in the future. A third one if they fix the grip problem.




Too Many Flaws

For a controller at this price one would hope MS had fixed the longstanding quality issues by now....but apparently not. I suppose there is existing inventory they still need to move. The controller is very impressive out of the box, best I've ever owned, but once the grips start to peel and the left bumper flys off just after the 3 month warranty expires you realize 'Elite' refers to the price and not build quality. If you can afford to replace your controller on a regular basis, buy this controller, you will love it. All others, I'd recommend going with the standard controller, save yourself a $100 and apply it towards the next gen of XBox due out by the end of the year (2017). I doubt it will ship with an 'Elite' controller🙂.





the best controller ever made.



peterson steiner


best controller ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Best controller on the market.... After you fix it....

So.... I love this controller, but only after fixing it myself. Do not buy any extended warranty they will just give you another one and in three months you just have to send that one back too. Instead fix it yourself, yes the sticks get loose and well destroy your accuracy, you'll think your hand eye corrdination **** the bed. You well have large dead spots, more so if you use the taller sticks. You well want to throw this $200.00 piece of **** at the wall. DON'T DO THAT. Instead void your warranty, rip this unforgiving ***** open(watch a YouTube video and be gentle) and fix the joystick issue with 1 q-tip (again search a tutorial on YouTube) . yes just 1 q-tip and you well fall back in love with this glorious beast. The bumpers are another issue yes they are **** mine haven't fallen off but If one dose ill sourse a broken remote for parts, these issues shouldent exist but the controller is far too good to stop u from buying





2 months after using i have experiencing problem withthe left upper paddle what a waste of cash




Not buying another one

I'll give you the pros first. Feels great in the hand and awesome control... that's it.. Cons. I've had mine for maybe 4 months and the LB button fell off. The thumbs stick start to become loose after a month. I only play on the weekends so if I pay $200.00 for a controller I would expect it to last for at least a year. I am extremely disappointed in this controller and I can't even return it.



betterharper 68

It is good for any game

Best controller ever




Grips fall off

Love the actual controller. Problem is that the rubber grips have began to peel off. I see others are having the same issue. Lot of money for a questionable choice of glue.



Developer comment · responded on

*App available on Xbox One and Windows 10.

**In supported games.