Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

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Recharge your Xbox controller while you play or during downtime. The long-lasting rechargeable battery fully charges in under 4 hours when charging from the Xbox One console. Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and 2.7-meter USB to micro-USB charging cable.

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Charge port connection flimsy

All in all a decent product but the connection port on the controller is a very bad design. The controller slipped from my armchair, landing and bouncing right onto the port while cable connected... now the port on the controller is useless. Lucky i own an extra controller to charge the battery. I would like to see a separate charge set up for the battery pack, if it is already available please help.




Does not hold a charge

After 4 months the Play & Charge kit does not hold a charge and no longer recharges. Only worked properly for 4 months then completely stopped working.




Makes Controllers Unrechargable

The play and charge kit is firmly connected into the controller. Every time you need to take it out, it takes a great deal of force. Every time you take it out with force, you damage the outlet in the controller (you can even see it being bent visually out of shape. Overtime, the outlet will become too damaged and the controller will connect but no longer charge. This has already ruined THREE of my controllers and Microsoft won't due s*** to replace it because it's out of warranty. The play and charge kit WILL ruin your controller overtime. I'm using rechargeable batteries from now on.



Patrick Donnelly

Good for a 1 time charge thing

i put the battery into the controller and played it for a week without needing to charge it, but once i charged it, it only charged about half the battery. And again half of half of the battery charged. and now the batteries die immediately if i unplug the charger. so it could be a good product but it fries your batteries. i want a refund but its too late for my refund.

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Cord is nice and long

Was worth the buy! Save lots on batteries

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the best saves you from always buying bateries + it has a little light soo u know when its chargin and when its done it helps alot trust me

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Only way to go

The standard controller that comes with the xbox purchase eats batteries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This solves the problem. It should be standard with the console purchase but then xbox wouldn't make the millions it probably does on all of us buying it separately.

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Fits perfectly. Works well.

No complaints so far. Plugged it in a week or so ago and charged it up with the generous length USB cable provided. Haven't had to recharge yet so it is working well. No surprises at all. Saves having to replace/recharge AA batteries every so often. My only concern is the value equation.



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