In Star Trek Online, customize your Captain and enjoy your very own Star Trek experience with over 125 episodes through multiple story arcs, featuring content in both space and ground. Explore strange new worlds, in this ever-expanding, completely Free-to-Play online universe. Key Features: Free-to-Play – Experience a triple-A MMO game for free. Play from level 1 to 60 free of charge! Adventure in the Final Frontier - Explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations in a vast, expanding universe. You Are the Captain - Partake in epic space battles and lead away teams across unknown worlds, interacting with allies and battling enemies. Choose Your Faction – Fight for the Federation, Romulan Republic, or Klingon Defense Force, each with vastly different ships and tactics. Total Customization – Create and customize a Captain from any species in the galaxy, or even make your own! Even your ship can be customized, from color to construction.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Multiplayer Online- 1 to 5 players
  • Co-op Online

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Published by
Perfect World Entertainment

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14.57 GB

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  • Entertainment Software Rating Board


    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB



Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account.

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Bioware Nerd

Platform: Xbox

Must-play for any Star Trek fan!

As a Star Trek fan, I loved how this game tied in the already existing lore and expanded upon it. I think any Trekkie who also likes video games would love this game! It is extremely well designed and polished for a free game.




Platform: Xbox

beam me up....

Great game, alot like dc universe and never winter.Needs a few bug fixes but free is free. You can spend really money to upgrade faster or simply grind it out. Only negative is ship controls are a little clunky.

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Platform: Xbox

best game i ever played!!!!!

like how you can choose different storylines based on which race you want to be. easy to learn yet so many options. Well done!!!!!!!!

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Platform: Xbox

won't play at all without gold

thanks for not letting me until after downloading 15gb that you cant play without xbox gold subscription. false advertising to call it free

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Platform: Xbox


I knew nothing about Star Trek when starting this. I thought i wasnt going to enjoy it because of that. But i love it! I would give it a 5 star but ive experienced a lot of glitches. once they get fixed, and ground combat becomes more fun, ill give it 5 stars! 10 if i could!



Infinite Cheeto

Platform: Xbox

This is the Star Trek I want

As good as the PC. I really like the new UI. Having a lot of fun playing through the game again.




Platform: Xbox

Been waiting to play this and now its here :)

controls feel very good. wish we can use keybord and mouse as an option though.

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canadian lich

Platform: Xbox

story best thing not saying much

graphics are weak at most story lacked and had loopholes,literally there are missions that give no direction in how to complete, which means go to youtube for alot of info for what to do. mechanics were worse then some beta game i've played! physics of space and almost any idea of space is non-existent. voice acting (if there is any) sounds quite robotic. Recommended players= die hard star trek fans.




Platform: Xbox

It *WAS* great, until it stopped responding

I played a character to lvl 52. Upgraded an item, same as usual, but when I was shunted to the "claim item" window, the game stopped responding. After several reboots I performed a reinstall but the outcome was the same, when I open uprade item menu the "claim item" panel opens and game stops responding. I'm unwilling to strart another character only to have this happen after hrs of play. Graphics on ground missions are sad, fun to hear familiar voices, sometimes hard to follow storyline's free, I guess I got what I paid for.




Platform: Xbox

mediocre overall

There's nothing positively surprising in this game. It plays and feels similar to DC Universe when that first released on the Xbox One (minus the terrible connection wait times). Star Trek Online isn't bad by any major fault, it's just not good either. Character creation is pretty decent, but everything after that seems like a clumsy indie style game flow. The story is not surprisingly paint by numbers and can be long predicted before any character finishes a single line of boringly voiced dialogue. The controls are patronizing at times and unintuitive. The gameplay as a whole is unintuitive. Objectives are vague and not explained often. One particular objective, during the tutorial of all places, was to over ride a door... one that was already wide open. The space combat had me squinting at my screen wondering what my ship was auto firing at every battle. I never have high hopes for MMO games in general and Star Trek Online is definitely a prime example of why: an insipid niche game.

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