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Minecraft. Teach your best

Minecraft: Education Edition is an educational version of Minecraft, the game popular with children all over the world. Thanks to it, they willingly study Math, History, Science, Computer science and many other subjects; they learn to interact, develop creativity, and better memorize new information.

A screenshot of Minecraft: Education Edition displaying a virtual laboratory space

How Minecraft works

Minecraft is a video game with countless possibilities to explore the world through building objects and accomplishing tasks. Using blocks, children get to understand the work of body organs, chemical reactions, and important mechanisms; they learn to formulate algorithms and program them in a visual environment. Meanwhile, the teacher has the opportunity to direct the game and watch how the material is perceived.

Stories of teachers who already use Minecraft: Education Edition

A photo of Tomas Milicka a Math Instructor

Tomas Milicka
Math teacher

"Only by placing tasks in the Minecraft gaming world, I already see how the children’s interest grows.

My first lesson with Minecraft: Education Edition was dedicated to fractions. The idea was quite simple. First, I built our school in the game, and then I wrote a task on the board in each virtual class. Students had to move from class to class and work out the exercises. The one who found the right answers to all the questions received the coordinates of the prize—which was the permission to skip homework.”

A photo of Peter Pallo a biology teacher who uses Minecraft: Education Edition in his lessons

Peter Pallo
Biology teacher

“Children create realistic models of organs to better understand how they work.

When we were studying the work of body organs, I asked the children to divide into teams, choose a body organ and create a 3D model of it in Minecraft. To accomplish this task, they had to read all about the work of the organ, and they no longer saw this as something boring because it looked like an interesting challenge.”

A photo of Julia Novikova a History teacher

Julia Novikova
History teacher

“We explore the medieval era and later build the XIII century fortress in Minecraft to reinforce the learned material.

We discussed the value of each object, the interaction of castle and rural households, and through such everyday things, we understood the social and economic structure of the Europe of that time. The students themselves wanted to know the details because their knowledge helped them participate in the game.”

Two students using Minecraft: Education Edition on desktop computers

Suitable for every subject and age

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Minecraft: Education Edition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I check tutorials and lesson samples?

Minecraft: Education Edition is a useful addition to the curriculum which helps children master the material. You can use any of the various existing lesson samples following this link.

In addition, to increase the benefits of using Minecraft: Education Edition, our team is constantly developing new lesson examples, adapted to your country curriculum.

Will I be able to use Minecraft: Education Edition if I do not play computer games and do not understand how to teach with them?

Children are the main experts on Minecraft. They will help you understand it, and this is a good opportunity to find common ground with them. But in order to acquire the basic skills, it is enough to go through the tutorial accessible in the game. In fact, everything is simple and you will learn very quickly.

Is there a free Minecraft: Education Edition trial?

Yes, the trial version of the game is free and contains all the features of the full version. The only limitation is that there is a fixed number of entries into the trial game. When you have played them all, you can buy the full version.

Is Minecraft: Education Edition suitable only for teaching Math and Programming?

We pay a lot of attention to this issue and have confidence in the results. Learn how video games are used in education and how they improve the learning process here.

How do I teach programming with Minecraft: Education Edition?

To do this, we created a convenient and visible tool called Code Connection. To learn more, follow this link.

Are games really effective in education? What data confirms this?

We pay a lot of attention to this issue and have confidence in the results. Learn how video games are used in education and how they improve the learning process here.

How can I buy Minecraft: Education Edition and how much is it?

The license for a single student costs only $5 a year. To make a purchase, click the Buy button. A store representative will contact you and take you through the next steps.

If you still have questions ask them on the Minecraft: Education Edition support page. We'll be happy to answer your questions.