March 18-19, 2016
CEE Internet of Things Hackathon


We want to thank all who submitted their projects for the CEE IoT Hackathon Cross Country Contest in March 2016!

It was difficult for the jury to find 5 best projects. Based on given criteria we selected following ones:

Yodizure (Greece), a Cloud to Cloud integration with Azure IoT Hub
Doctor RPI (Hungary), advanced home healthcare device, which can be used for supervision of old people and people living with disabilities
Easterbot (Slovakia), 3 robots connected and can be piloted in various smart ways
Flood Fox (Czech Republic), system to monitor water level in small rivers, using Sigfox technology to send data connected to Azure IoT Hub
Keep me clean (Greece), the ultimate solution to know when you have to change your baby, get the notification on your app and count who’s doing it!

Big congratulations to the winnners!


Your projects will be judged based on following criteria:

  • How creative the idea is.
  • How easy it is to implement the idea in real life.
  • Use of creative technical solutions.
  • Use of Machine Learning.
  • Use of Microsoft technologies in the project:
    • Raspberry Pi 2, NetDuino, Windows Remote Arduino, Arduino Virtual Shield
    • Kinect, SensorCore API
    • Azure ML, R, PowerBI


Raspberry Pi 2 and Sense hat for each member of 5 winning teams (max 4 members in the team).

Contest rules

Can be found here