Digital Transformation

June 21-24, 2021

A Tech Fit 4

Europe is in the midst of transformational change in the way its economies and societies operate. The digitization of sectors from manufacturing to automotive, through to agriculture, banking, the public sector, and, perhaps crucially in today's context, health - is well underway. The EU has taken several regulatory actions in recent months to drive this digitalization agenda forward, underpinned by a political narrative that places European values at its heart.

In support of these policy initiatives, Microsoft is proud to present a week-long series of deep-dive sessions focusing on data, technology, and infrastructure in Europe. The series will analyse in policy and practical terms how the digital transformation within several vertical sectors is progressing, bringing together policymakers with industry representatives, and crucially, European startups and scaleups, for a conversation around what's next for Europe's digital transformation journey.

That is why we are pledging to make ‘Tech Fit 4 Europe’. This is our direct response to the EU’s vision for a ‘Europe Fit for the Digital Age’, and an acknowledgement of the particular role the tech sector needs to play in helping Europe realize its digital ambitions. Making ‘Tech Fit 4 Europe’ means recognizing Europe’s role in leading the way to solving global challenges and a need to take our relations with Europe to the next level.


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DAY 1 -
10:45 - 10:50

Introductory Remarks

Jeremy Rollison

Senior Director, European Government Affairs, Microsoft

Jeremy Rollison is Senior Director of EU Government Affairs within Microsoft’s Corporate, External & Legal Affairs (CELA) group. Based in Brussels, his work focuses on policy related to the EU Digital Single Market (DSM), with a particular emphasis on data issues and corresponding public policy covering privacy, cybersecurity, cloud policy, and the cross-border provision of online services. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked in the Government Relations team at Nokia in the company’s EU representative office, and was previously Director of the European Digital Media Association (EDiMA) in Brussels. He has over a decade of experience in Brussels at the company, association, and consultancy levels, focusing and engaging with EU stakeholders on issues related to the development and delivery of online services in the Internal Market and corresponding EU regulatory policy.

10:50 - 12:00

Digital Transformation in the Public sector

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DAY 2 -
10:00 - 11:15

Digital Transformation in Automotive

11:15 - 11:30


11:30 - 12:45

Digital Transformation in Cloud-powered Retail

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DAY 3 -
10:00 - 11:15

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

11:15 - 11:30


11:30 - 12:45

Digital Transformation in Health: Covid-19 lessons

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DAY 4 -
10:00 - 11:15

Digital Transformation in Banking

11:15 - 11:30


11:30 - 12:45

Digital Transformation in Farming

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Featured speakers

Meet some of the speakers who'll be joining this years event and sharing insights.

Jeremy Rollison

Senior Director, European Government Affairs, Microsoft

Jeremy Rollison is Senior Director of EU Government Affairs within Microsoft’s Corporate, External & Legal Affairs (CELA) group. Based in Brussels, his work focuses on policy related to the EU Digital Single Market (DSM), with a particular emphasis on data issues and corresponding public policy covering privacy, cybersecurity, cloud policy, and the cross-border provision of online services. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked in the Government Relations team at Nokia in the company’s EU representative office, and was previously Director of the European Digital Media Association (EDiMA) in Brussels. He has over a decade of experience in Brussels at the company, association, and consultancy levels, focusing and engaging with EU stakeholders on issues related to the development and delivery of online services in the Internal Market and corresponding EU regulatory policy.

Lídia Pereira

Member, European Parliament

Born in 1991 and raised in Coimbra (Portugal). Graduate in Economics at the University of Coimbra and holding a Master degree in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium). During her academic studies, Lídia had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus programme, studying in Prague (Czech Republic) for one semester. Additionally, she was always involved and assumed several responsibilities in the Student Association and University/College bodies. After a traineeship at the European Investment Bank, Lidia became a consultant in the financial sector. Later on, she became politically active in JSD, the youth organization of the Partido Social Democrata (PSD, Portugal). In May 2016, Lidia has been appointed International Secretary of JSD’s Board (2016-2018). Since 2018, she served as President of the Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP). Lídia Pereira was invited by the PSD to run in the last European elections, as second on the list. Elected to the European Parliament in 2019, she has since sat on the Committees on Economic and Monetary Affairs, on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and on the Delegations for relations with the People’s Republic of China and relations with the United States. She was recently elected to the standing Committee on Tax Affairs, in which she is the coordinator of the EPP group and she is also enrolled on the special subcommittee on the fight against cancer.

Fernando de Pablo Martín

Digital Office Director, City of Madrid

In his current position Fernando de Pablo Martín is responsible for the digital transformation initiatives of the General State Administration.

Since 1993 he has been a member of the Public Administration, where he worked in the Department of Tax Computing (1993-2005), in the Central Delegation of Large Taxpayers (2006-2009) and in the Department of Planning and Institutional Relations, in the State Agency of Tax Administration. General Director on Impulse of the Electronic Administration (2009-2011), responsible for the implementation of Law 11/2007 on electronic access of citizens to public services and he has been part of the Office for the Implementation of the Reform of the Public Administration (CORA), created to fight against the economic crisis, as responsible for promoting technological measures (2013-2016).

He is a Telecommunications Engineer, member of the Senior Corps of Systems and Information Technologies of the State Administration, Master in Systems Management and Information and Communications Technologies, Executive Master of Business Management by the School of Industrial Organization and Leadership Program for Public Management. Diploma of Advanced Studies in PhD in Applied Economics.

Aldo Laudi

Head of Sector for Digital Strategies, European Commission

Aldo Laudi works as a Head of Sector- Digital Strategies in the Digital Transformation Unit in Directorate-General for Informatics. He is responsible for the coordination of the execution of the Digital Strategy and currently leading the design and development of the next Digital Strategy of the European Commission. Since 2007, when he joined the Institution, he has led several files focusing on digital transformation. Namely the development of the Digital Solutions Modernisation plan which sets the approach for modernising the Commission’s digital landscape and the design of the new Europass, as part of the Europe 2020 strategy. Previously, he managed the Corporate eGovernment programmes for the Government of Malta. He holds a Master of Business Administration specialising in general and strategic management from Maastricht School, the Netherlands of and a Bachelor of Psychology from University of Malta.

Gabriel Bellenger

Global Consulting lead for the Revenue Industry, and Consulting Lead for Europe, Health and Public Service, Accenture

Gabriel Bellenger is the global consulting lead for the Revenue Industry and the management consulting lead for Europe. In his role, he supports government agencies’ transformation and provides sustainable change to government clients globally. Gabriel is responsible for helping business leaders to exploit the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, robotics process automation, machine learning, micro-segmentation and big data, and manage their impact on service design, the liquid workforce, agile delivery and digital operating models.

Gabriel brings more than 20 years of industry experience in advising senior political stakeholders around the world, such as the UK Cabinet Office and other equivalent member states, the EU commission, the World Bank, OECD and the Asian Development Bank. Undertaking more than 400 consulting assignments, Gabriel has significant experience in delivering large-scale programs in public sector organizations. In particular, Gabriel has helped revenue collection agencies to save billions of dollars and more efficiently collect additional revenues.

Gabriel acted as the Accenture program director in the design and delivery of the European Centre for Government Transformation in 2009/2010. He has also developed numerous innovations, including patents for process automation, and is a regular conference speaker. As the president of the International Committee at the London Mayfair Rotary club, Gabriel is working with fellow Rotarians to eradicate Polio through education and international programs.

Gabriel holds an Executive Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Business Administration from Paris Dauphine University in Paris and Shanghai, a Master of Business Administration from Bristol Business School in the United Kingdom and a master’s degree in Mathematical Decision Modelling from Grande Ecole d’ingénieur EISTI, France. He is currently based in the United Kingdom.

Jan Schoenig

Director Digital Cities & Infrastructure, Siemens Advanta

Jan Schoenig is Director for Digital Cities & Infrastructure in Siemens Advanta. In this role, Jan is responsible for the sales, strategy, partner relations, program management and business development in the area of digital solutions for smart cities and related infrastructure in Europe and Middle East Asia (EMEA). Jan began his career with Siemens in 1997 and has gained a broad knowledge bases on a wealth of experiences both operational and strategic over the past 22 years in a variety of national and international assignments, projects and management responsibilities. From the company’s Munich headquarter he supported for eight years Siemens program managers worldwide for large scale infrastructure projects mainly in the context of Major Events. After a four- and half-year delegation to Qatar as head of Corporate Development and Special Projects, he returned to Munich in July 2017. In his role in Qatar, Jan was responsible for the business development of infrastructure projects. In addition, he was asked in 2015 to take over the Business Unit Energy Management Low Voltage Products and turned it into a profitable business within 12 months. Key former responsibilities also include Unit manager of the Siemens IT Solution Unit for two years in France. Jan Schoenig holds a master degree in business administration.

Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou

Member, European Parliament

Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou is a Member of the European Parliament since 2019. Prior to that, she served as Deputy Mayor of the city of Ioannina, as an elected member of the Hellenic Parliament, as Party Spokesperson, and as Head of the Telecommunications & Media sector of the New Democracy party. Previously Ms Asimakopoulou worked in the United States and in Australia as an attorney, specializing in international financial transactions and banking law; as an external expert for the European Commission, and as a manager in consulting companies in Brussels and Luxembourg. She was the Director of the EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation, a non-profit organization based in N.W. Greece, which focused on sustainable development with the use of advance information technologies, and also for the Secretary General of the World Crafts Council (under the auspices of UNESCO). Ms Asimakopoulou has a BA in Economics and a J.D. in law with a specialization in international legal affairs.

Joost Vantomme

Director for Smart Mobility, European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

Joost Vantomme is the Smart Mobility Director of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), which represents the 15 major Europe-based car, van, truck and bus manufacturers. Joost is (co) Chair of the Strategy Committee of ERTICO-ITS Europe as well as member of its Supervisory Board. He serves also as member of the Board of the European Mobility as a Service Alliance (MaaS). Furthermore, Joost was selected as member of various Commission Expert Groups, among which the Expert Group on B2G data sharing.

Joost has 30 years’ experience in legal, regulatory, public and strategy affairs. He served as legal and regulatory affairs director in the telecommunications, postal, logistics and automotive sector. He had leading policy making roles in European associations such as PostEurop and FEDMA, as well as at the UN level (UPU). Joost has also been a member of the Cabinet of the Belgian Minister of Economy and director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, an EU consultancy firm.

As a frequent speaker at conferences and author of papers, he engages with stakeholders on European and international policy issues in a mobility and digital agenda context. Joost holds a Master Degree in Economic Business Law, a Master’s Degree in law and a Diploma in Teaching Law (Universities of Leuven, Poitiers and Louvain). He is fluent in Dutch, French, English and German.

Sébastien Duplan

Public Affairs Lead for Digital & Innovation, Renault Group

Sébastien Duplan is Public Affairs Lead for Digital and Innovation at Renault Group. He covers car and mobility topics (connected car & services, automated driving & autonomous mobility), smart manufacturing (industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, blockchain) and digital transformation (cloud computing, personal data, cybersecurity). Prior to that, he was in charge of public affairs for Syntec Numérique, the French digital trade association, after several years with public affairs and communications consultancies.

Gabriel Giani

Founder and CEO/CTO, BARO Vehicles

Gabriel founded BARO Vehicles to offer customers a new transport method inside private spaces. To live the experience to use an autonomous vehicle. To change people's minds to understand the new era of the self driving cars. BARO Vehicles aims to bridge the gap between standard cars and autonomous vehicles.

Nadina Iacob

Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

Nadina Iacob is a Research Fellow in the Global Governance, Regulation, Innovation, and Digital Economy (GRID) unit at CEPS.

Her research interests lie in the potential of the digital transformation and its implications across a variety of policy areas. Her recent work is focused in particular on the emerging governance architecture for digitalisation and data sharing in areas including healthcare and the public sector.

Prior to joining CEPS, Nadina explored the theory behind entrepreneurial ecosystems and contributed to a comprehensive analysis of urban startup ecosystems in emerging cities at the Berlin-based NGO enpact. She gained experience with working in national and European institutions as well, tracking budgetary and financial legislative developments in the Parliament of Romania and gaining insights into EU legislative procedures at the European Parliament Information Office, Bucharest.

Nadina holds a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, where she specialised in quantitative methods for policy analysis, EU governance and economic policies. She holds a BSc in Economics from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, as well as a B.A. in International Relations and European Studies from the University of Bucharest.

Amaryllis Verhoeven

Head of Unit “Digital Transformation of Industry”, DG GROW, European Commission

Dr. Amaryllis Verhoeven is Head of Unit for Digital Transformation of Industry in the Directorate General (DG) for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) at the European Commission (EU Commission). Before her current position, Dr. Verhoeven held different functions in the EU Commission related to Intellectual Property, Single Market and Energy files. She has also worked as an attorney with Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton. Dr. Verhoeven holds a Ph.D. in law and political philosophy from the University of Leuven, where she is also lecturing on a regular basis.

Tobias Streich

Director of Business Development, Transparency-One

Since 2017 Tobias Streich is Director of Business Development at Transparency-One. Tobias has over 8 years of experience in designing and executing Responsible Sourcing Programs for Global Brands, Digitalization, Contextualization, Multi-Tier Supply Chains and Scalability. Further professional background include Finance and Procurement Services Management. Tobias currently lives in Germany, after many years of work in Ireland and Uruguay.

Roland Grassberger

CEO, Grassfish Marketing Technologies

Roland Grassberger is CEO and head of strategy, innovation and product management at Grassfish Marketing Technologies, a leading European developer of smart store and digital signage solutions for the physical retail space.

Roland has a track record as a successful entrepreneur; in 1998, he sold his company SoftWork, a provider of software for dentists and for patient medical records, to GWI AG (now Agfa Healthcare), the German market leader for hospital software. He took the role of head of development and product management at GWI for several years and subsequently became CEO of medical net AG, a medical data transmission provider and subsidiary of Agfa Healthcare.

In 2001, Roland founded Telion, a provider of voice-based news and notification systems, before establishing Grassfish Marketing Technologies in 2005.

Roland, who is married with 5 children, studied Computer Sciences at the Technical University Vienna and enjoys active leisure pursuits including skiing, cycling and tennis.

Eva Kaili

Member, European Parliament

Eva Kaili is a Greek politician of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) who has been serving as a Member of the European Parliament since 2014. She has since been serving on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE). In her capacity, she has been working intensively on promoting innovation as a driving force of the establishment of the European Digital Single Market. She has been the draftsperson of multiple pieces of legislation in the fields of blockchain technology, online platforms, big data, Fintech, AI and cybersecurity. She is the founder of the Future Forum, a network of influential politicians, officials and public figures promoting innovation. Prior to that she has been elected as a Member of the Hellenic Parliament 2007-2012, with the PanHellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK). She also worked as a journalist and newscaster prior to her political career. She holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, and Postgraduate degree in European Politics.

Cynthia Sanfilippo

Vice President Public Affairs, L’Oreal

Cynthia joined L’Oréal in May 2015 to lead the Corporation public affairs function in Europe. As leader of the function, she is charge of developing steering & implementing the public affairs strategy of L’Oréal in Europe, coordinating the network throughout the EU region and enhancing its PA capabilities. French lawyer by training, Cynthia held Government relations positions for US blue chip corporations such as Dow Corning, the silicones manufacturer and 3M, the diversified technology company. As a recognized leader of the US industry in Brussels, Cynthia had the opportunity to take on leadership positions in Amcham EU and Tech America Europe. Cynthia also gained experience at CLAN public affairs, a public affairs agency, the legal service of the economic and social committee, the NGO Lawyers without borders, & Maître Emmanuel Pierrat law firm. Passionate about music, Cynthia is also a cellist by training. She is married and has two children.

Axel Voss

Member, European Parliament

Born in 1963. North Rhine Westphalia. Study of Law at the Universities of Trier, Munich and Freiburg. 1994-2000 Legal Advice Officer, Citizens Advice Bureau of the European Commission, Representation in the Federal Republic of Germany. 2000-2009 Lecturer in European Studies at RheinAhrCampus Remagen (University of Applied Sciences). Since 2004 Chairman of the CDU Bonn regional party organisation. Since 2005 Vice-Chairman of the CDU in the district Mittelrhein. Since 1994 Lawyer. From 2004 to 2009 chairman of the district of CDU in Bonn. From 2005 to October 2011 vice chairman of the district Mittelrhein. Since October 2011 Chairman of the district Mittelrhein. Since December 2010 chairman of the district of the Europa Union Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. MEP since 2009.

Bertrand Deprez

Vice President EU Government Affairs, Schneider Electric

Bertrand Deprez is Vice-President in charge of EU Government Affairs at Schneider Electric. He is heading the Brussels-based group’s liaison office to the European Union. He is currently holding responsibilities in several associations and groups related to the EU. Prior to that, Bertrand had worked several years in public affairs consultancies and think-tanks.

Sebastian Schröck

Senior Expert for Advanced Assembly Technology, Bosch

Sebastian Schröck is a Senior Expert in the group for advanced assembly and industrial robotics at Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering of the Bosch Group. After studying Mechanical Engineering in Germany and Finland, he received a doctorate in engineering at Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg. His current field of work are versatile production systems as well as national and international publicly funded projects. Furthermore, Mr. Schröck is working as an independent expert for the European Commission.

Felicia Stoica

Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission

Ms. Felicia Stoica is Deputy Head of Unit in the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME of the European Commission, in the Unit responsible, among others, with the competitiveness and legal safety framework for engineering industries. Some of her tasks combine leading regulatory dialogues with like-minded international partners to support flagships such as robotics or additive manufacturing with managing a broad portfolio of Single Market safety legislation for engineering industries.

Previously to joining the Commission, Ms. Stoica worked in the private sector as a global market analyst in a multinational enterprise. Ms. Stoica is a diplomat engineer from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, holding a master's degree in European studies from Universite Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble.

Roland Scharrer

Group Chief Data & Emerging Technology Officer, AXA

As part of the group chief technology innovation officer’s mandate, Roland Scharrer is responsible for leveraging data and emerging technologies at scale with the potential to disrupt the current insurance business model and provide opportunities to shape future businesses. Scharrer started at AXA Group in January 2018 as CTIO/CDO in charge of data and technology innovation teams in Paris, Lausanne, Singapore, and San Francisco. He joined AXA Germany in 2016 as head of data strategy and analytics. Prior to his link with AXA, Scharrer worked across several countries including Germany, Spain, UK, US, and India in IT, data science and strategy consulting, focusing on the automotive and financial services industries. In his last position, Scharrer was chief data scientist for Capgemini Consulting. He graduated in computer engineering, statistics, business administration and design thinking, among others from ESADE Business School Barcelona and Stanford/HPI School of Design Thinking.

Farzad Saber

Chief Business Development Officer and Chairman of the Board, O2matic

Farzad Saber has M.Sc. in engineering is certified in information security and has been working with different aspects of digitalization since the 90s. In the early 00s was Farzad responsible for inter-ministerial IT projects as head of division in the ministry of Finance in Denmark and has also worked as consultants for many years, but the last ten years has been spent on automizing treatment of respiratory patients. Farzad is cofounder and chairman of the board in O2matic Ltd. and in 2020 has received Innovation Fund Denmark’s Grand solution award and the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence.

Cristian-Silviu Buşoi

Member, European Parliament

Cristian-Silviu Buşoi is a Romanian member of the European Parliament for the Partidul Naţional Liberal part of the European People’s Party (EPP). Since 2007, he has been elected to the European Parliament for three consecutive terms. He is chair of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and also Member of the Delegation for Southeast Asia, as well as substitute Member of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) and the Delegation for the Arab Peninsula. His political career started in 1996 when, as a student, he became member of the National Liberal Party. After that, eight years later, he entered the Romanian Parliament and, in 2013, became President of the Romanian National Health Insurance House. Buşoi graduated Medicine from Carol Davila University in Bucharest, Law from Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, and Diplomacy from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute in Bucharest.

Andrzej Jan Rys

Director “Health Systems, Medical Products and Innovation”, DG SANTE, European Commission

Andrzej Rys has been director for Health Systems, Medical products and Innovation in the European Commission’s department for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) since 2016. He has been with DG SANTE for 10 years and served as Director for Health Systems and Products and Director for Public Health and Risk Assessment. Rys has been Director of Centre for Technology Transfer and University Development (CITTRU) from 2003 to 2006. Previously, he was Polish Deputy Minister of Health and Member of Government Negotiations’s Team for Poland’s Accession to the European Union from 1999 to 2001. He has also been Director of the Health Department of the City of Krakowfrom 1997 to 1999. He is a member of Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Governing Board and alternate member of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Board. Rys studied medicine at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and specialized in radiology and public health.

Peter Kerstens

Advisor “Digital Finance”, DG FISMA, European Commission

Peter Kerstens is Advisor on Technological Innovation and Cybersecurity at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union. He has led work on the European Commission’s Fintech Action Plan. He has extensive experience in EU policy and legislation covering financial services and single market policy and regulation, electronic commerce and payments, health and consumer protection. Prior to his current position Peter covered international financial regulation questions and was Finance Counsellor at the EU Embassy in Washington DC. He has also been a Member of the Private Offices of Commissioners Charlie McCreevy and David Byrne. Before joining the European Commission in 1996, Peter advised major financial services companies on EU regulatory affairs. He is a Dutch national and holds a master degree in European affairs from the College of Europe in Bruges and a master degree in political science from the University of Leuven, Belgium.

Gloria Sánchez

Group Vice President, Group Head of Legal for Technology and Transformation, Banco Santander

Gloria Sánchez (Group VP) is the Group Head of Legal for Technology and Transformation of Banco Santander. Her team is in charge of the legal advice to technology areas, with a focus technology contracts and projects, digital banking and digital and financial regulation, data and privacy and IP. She is also in charge of the legal advice to the costs, procurement, TPRM and organization areas of the Group. Likewise, she leads the innovation strategy and legal tech of the legal area.

She commenced her legal career at Clifford Chance Madrid, and after some years advising clients in different transactions, she joined Banco Santander legal department. Before her current post, she has been head of legal for real estate, equity participations and portfolio sales at Banco Santander.

At present, she is adjunct professor at IE Law School, as well as visiting lecturer at different universities: Bucerius Law School (Hamburg), MIT Professional Education, ESADE (Barcelona), Universidad Complutense and Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

Ivan Mazzoleni

Cultural Energy Orchestrator, Flowe

Ivan Mazzoleni is the CEO, Cultural Energy Orchestrator of Flowe, benefit company of Mediolanum Group, focused on innovation and sustainability in the field of digital banking services and based on the BetterBeing Economy. At Flowe, Ivan is also responsible for the Purpouse Design and Development and Corporate Culture. Expert in Business Digital Transformation, Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking, Ivan looks at the world from ever-changing perspectives, in search of new models and cutting-edge business solutions. Always passionate about the web and online editor since the nineties, he has been dealing with Social Innovation and new technologies for over 15 years. Previously, Ivan was Business Digital Transformation Lead at Microsoft, a company in which he gained over ten years of experience dealing with the development of business models, brand positioning, sales and storytelling. He holds an MBA from Bocconi University in Milan and a Master in Strategic and Operational Marketing from Bologna Business School; he completed his training at MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge (Cybersecurity Leadership), at Stanford University Graduate School of Business (Leading Change & Organizational Renewal), at Insead in Fontainebleau (Master in Business Model Innovation) and at Harvard Business School (Disruptive Innovation; Entrepreneurship Essential). He collaborates with several Business Schools and Universities including LUISS, IULM, Bologna Business School, MIP, Università Cattolica and the Master in Strategies for Sport Business. Ivan is an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified coach and adopts the S.F.E.R.A. model by Prof. Giuseppe Vercelli with whom he collaborates. He is a ski instructor and federal coach and dedicates his free time to the sports association Mondolè Ski Team of Pratonevoso, of which he is Vice President.

Brit Hecht

Head of EU Digital Public Affairs, BBVA

Brit Hecht is Head of EU Digital Public Affairs at BBVA, which he joined in 2000. Since he joined BBVA’s European Affairs Office in 2014, Brit is responsible for promoting BBVA’s EU advocacy for digital financial services, covering EU regulation for online platforms, data & AI, digital identities, European payments, CBDCs & crypto-assets, cloud & cybersecurity, etc.

Before joining public & government affairs, he was responsible for transformation and corporate development projects at BBVA’s South America and Retail divisions, and before for strategic planning, commercial development, innovation and e-business at BBVA subsidiaries in Venezuela, Mexico and Peru.

Prior to his career at BBVA, Brit gained consulting experience in a variety of industries (financial services, telecom, FMCG, energy,…) at the strategy consulting firms Roland Berger (Madrid) and Mars & Co (Paris).

Stéphanie Yon-Courtin

Member, European Parliament

Stéphanie Yon-Courtin is a French MEP for the La République En Marche! party, part of the Renew Europe group. She was elected in May 2019 to the European Parliament where she is the vice-chair of the committee on economic and monetary affairs (ECON). Yon-Courtin is also a substitute member in the internal market and consumer protection committee (IMCO) and in the tax matters sub-committeen (FISC). In addition, she is the chair of the delegation for relations with Canada and a member of the delegation for relations with the United States. Prior to her election, she served as mayor of Saint-Contest, and vice-president of the urban community Caen la Mer. Before that, Yon-Courtin worked as an advisor on international affairs in the office of Bruno Lasserre, former president of the French Competition Authority. Yon-Courtin holds a master’s degree in law from the Universities of Caen and Bristol, and a master’s degree in European Business Law from the Institute of European Studies.

Marc Duponcel

Head of Sector "Research and Innovation", DG AGRI, European Commission

Marc Duponcel is an agricultural engineer and holds a PhD in economics. Prior to working at the European Commission, Marc was FAO staff, posted at the FAO sub-regional office for Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest. In recent years, Marc has been heading the research team in the unit “research and innovation” in DG AGRI. Among other responsibilities he follows the discussions of the G20 Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists and participated in the working group on agro-ecosystem living labs chaired by Canada and the USA.

Sébastien Picardat

CEO, Agdatahub

As an expert in strategy and organization in agriculture, Sébastien has solid experience in information technology and institutional relations in the agricultural sector. With a global vision of the agricultural ecosystem, he carries Agdatahub's ambitions to decision-makers in the institutional and agricultural world in France and Europe.

Elsi Katainen

Member, European Parliament

Elsi Kaarina Katainen is a Finnish politician and a Member of the European Parliament. She is a member of the Centre Party, part of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. Katainen took her seat in the European Parliament in 2018, after MEP Hannu Takkula was appointed to the European Court of Auditors. Since the 2019 elections, she has been serving on the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. Katainen served as member of the Finnish Parliament from 2007 until 2018.

Marie-Cécile Damave

Head of innovation and international affairs, agriDées

Marie-Cécile Damave is an agronomist and Head of Innovation and International Affairs in the think tank agridées, based in Paris. She monitors technological and economic developments in AgTech and FoodTech, the digital transformation of agriculture, biotechnology and the bioeconomy with an international perspective. She leads working groups, organises and moderates events, makes presentations at conferences as an expert and is the author of a number of publications in French and English, including position papers, analyses and articles. She also teaches in Higher Education institutions.

Prior to joining Agridées in 2013, Marie-Cécile Damave worked for 20 years as an agricultural economist in the Office of Agricultural Affairs in the American Embassy in Paris for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). She was a market analyst in oilseeds, biofuels, biotechnology and dairy for France and the European Union.

Fabrice Tocco

Co-CEO and Co-founder, Dawex

Fabrice Tocco, French entrepreneur, co-founder and co-CEO of Dawex, is a recognized expert in the data economy, and regularly invited to engage with the European and international institutions as a speaker. He strongly believes that data is the mirror of the economy, and to boost tomorrow’s economy it’s essential that organizations position data exchange at the core of their business strategy. In 2015, Fabrice jumped into his second entrepreneurial adventure with Laurent Lafaye and co-created Dawex. The company’s mission is to build the conditions for the smooth development of the data economy by facilitating data exchange between companies and organizations. Dawex develops cutting-edge technologies for data trading with the ambition to become the world's leading Data Exchange. Fabrice started his career at a word leader in the tires industry within group marketing and innovation functions. Fabrice graduated from Reims Management School, Neoma Business School.

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  • Automotive

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  • Retail

  • Health / Covid-19

  • Agriculture

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A Tech Fit 4 Europe Initiative

Tech Fit 4 Europe is Microsoft’s response to the EU’s vision for a ‘Europe Fit for the Digital Age’ – an acknowledgement of our commitment to help Europe realize its digital ambition.

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