Digital Literacy Curriculum Packages

There are five Microsoft Digital Literacy courses, available in two versions. Version 4 provides examples from Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. Version 2 provides examples from Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007.

Each of the Microsoft Digital Literacy course packages is now available as a snap-in for web installations. Not-for-profit learning centers and educational institutions participating in approved Microsoft programmes and initiatives may download and install these packages for distribution on their secure intranet servers. There are two formats for the packages: SCORM and Non-SCORM.

A 56K connection or faster connection is recommended to access the offline options.


The SCORM packages are designed and tested for use with the Microsoft SharePoint Learning Kit. In this environment, the SCORM packages are used as Learning Objects that can be assigned, submitted, marked, and assessed. The SCORM packages are available in the e-learning format or as Microsoft Office Word files.


The non-SCORM packages are designed for use with any type of intranet web server. You can link to the packages in several ways:

  • If you are running SharePoint, you can link to the files.

  • If you have an IIS website or virtual directory, you can place the content there.

  • If you have a Learning Management System (LMS) that does not support SCORM but can import HTML content, you can load the non-SCORM packages there.

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