Digital Literacy Instructor Resources

The Digital Literacy Curriculum can be adapted for classroom use or for self-paced study. This page provides instructors with additional resources to facilitate classroom use, including classroom setup information, teaching tips for each course, additional practice ideas, a test item file (this file is only available in English) and answers to frequently asked questions.

Test Item File

Format: Microsoft Word 2003 document

Description: Description: The Test Item File enables instructors to create and deliver paper-based assessments. It contains all of the items included in the online assessments and the Certificate Test.

Download the Test Item File (1.25 MB)

Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum Packages

Microsoft Digital Literacy is now available as a snap-in for Web installations. Not-for-profit learning centers and educational institutions participating in approved Microsoft programs and initiatives may download and install these packages for distribution on their secure intranet servers

There are two versions of the packages:

  • SCORM packages (for use with the SharePoint Learning Kit)

  • Non-SCORM packages (for use with other Web servers)

Access Curriculum Packages

Frequently Asked Questions