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Use rights

Licenses under the SPLA are non-perpetual (or subscription) licenses that can be used during the term of the agreement. The following licensing models are available for offering Microsoft licensed products to customers:
  • Per Subscriber: A Subscriber Access License (SAL) is required for each unique individual user or device that is authorized to access or otherwise use the licensed products. With the SAL option, a separate Server License is not needed.
  • Per Processor: Each Processor License allows an unlimited number of users to access the software that is installed on that processor for products licensed through a per processor model.
  • Per Core: Each Core License (CL) allows an unlimited number of users to access the server software installed on the server with a determined number of physical cores for products licensed through a per core model.
  • Per Guest/Host Licensing Model: The Host/Guest licensing model requires both host licenses and guest licenses. Host licenses are required for your “host fabric,” a collection of physical and virtual operating system environments (OSEs) that are configured and operated as a unit to provide virtualization, networking, management, website, and file services. Guest licenses are required for your guest virtual OSEs.
      1. Per Processor for Host: License the hardware per processor for the host fabric in which an instance can run
      2. Per Instance for Guest: License for each virtual instance that runs on the host
  • Product-Specific Licensing: Download the Hosted Microsoft Office licensing brief (PDF, 149 KB) for answers to common questions about hosted Microsoft Office in partner-hosting scenarios. It covers the required licensing components for providing a partner-hosted Office solution to customers.