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Microsoft UK Update on Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Microsoft has a global, all-hazards approach to its business continuity and crisis management planning, this includes a Pandemic Response Plan. Our response plans are mobilised around the world and in addition to cash donations, we have committed products, services and solutions to better equip frontline hospitals and medical workers in impacted areas. Our teams from Beijing to Seattle are working around the clock together to lend the power of our technology and platforms to the people and organisations effected.

UK Response: We opened our first international office in the UK in 1982 and we have been investing ever since. We have more than 5,000 highly qualified people working in fields including support, marketing, gaming, communications, cybersecurity and computer science research. This long-standing commitment means we have advanced response protocols in place. We appreciate that each of our customers and partners may be facing their own unique challenges associated with Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Our Microsoft team has worked to ensure that using Microsoft as a supplier and trusted partner is not one of those challenges. As the coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread across the world, we recognise our responsibilities to our customers, partners, employees and communities during this challenging time.

To that end we provide the information below:

Government & Public Sector Partnership: We are closely following Government guidance through Public Health England (PHE), and are supporting the tactical aims of the strategy including delay, research and mitigation. We have mobilised our UK teams to offer support and guidance to all public sector organisations in the UK, and we will do everything we can to assist at this challenging time.

Supporting Our Customers, Partners and Suppliers: We want to share resources, tools, and services to help you adapt and build resilient operations. Whether it's empower your employees to work remotely, or enabling technology to drive business outcomes, see how we can help you.

Microsoft Employees: We have a global health response team that takes action to help protect our employees based on the evaluation of risk communicated by global health authorities, and local conditions. We have advanced business continuity plans in place to minimise disruption to our business operations, and those of our customers and partners. These include flexible working arrangements for our employees which have now been introduced and a comprehensive enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery program, and a global support organisation with 24x7 geo-diverse team.

To protect their privacy, Microsoft is not able to release personal information about any staff members (FTEs or external staff) who are being monitored or tested for novel coronavirus, including their location.

Should any Microsoft staff member be diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, Public Health England and Microsoft would initiate appropriate protocols to protect the health of anyone deemed to be at risk and notify close contacts.

Business Continuity: The Microsoft Board of Directors annually authorises the Enterprise Business Continuity Management (EBCM) Program Office to provide governance, oversight, and support for BCM across business and support organisations at Microsoft through a policy statement and program charter. The Continuity Council is chartered to drive business continuity sponsorship, awareness, resource allocation, and program accountability across the enterprise including regular incident management rehearsals and training.

Supply Chain: Based on the uncertainty related to the COVID-19 public health situation in China, many global supply chains are in recovery mode. Recent estimates are that 94% of the Fortune 1000 are seeing supply chain disruptions impacting their organisations, and unfortunately Microsoft is not exempt from these same challenges. Microsoft has a robust supply chain contingency plan for the UK market. Given this is a dynamic situation it is too early for Microsoft to speculate regarding supply chain implications at this stage.

Office locations, Meetings & Events: Our UK Customer Briefing Centres, and Microsoft UK offices are temporarily closed to external guests. In line with current Government advice Microsoft employees are now working remotely and leveraging Teams to continue customer and partner engagements - we appreciate your flexibility. Microsoft UK have an exciting line-up of digital events and training available to customers and partners. Please speak to your account team for more information or access online content.

The UK Government publish a daily update with information for the public on the situation including the risk level and advice for business.

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