Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems form part of a new class of systems now evolving that go beyond basic automation – instead of performing a specific task repeatedly without any variation, autonomous systems are capable of sensing and dynamically responding to changing environments to accomplish a desired goal.

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Autonomous Scenarios

From smart buildings to machinery and robotics, engineering experts are infusing intelligence into new and existing systems to achieve more.

Cross-section diagram of drilling into oil shale.

Motion control

Bring automation to machines or parts of machines to optimise their trajectory.

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CNC machine cutting metal.

Machine tuning and calibration

Calibrate machines faster and more precisely than is possible with human intelligence alone.

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Illustration of person’s knowledge plus data charts.

Machine teaching

Experience our machine teaching platform, which enables AI systems to act intelligently.

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Cross-section view of a smart building.

Smart buildings and homes

Optimise spaces to better serve people’s needs at every level – from energy efficiency to employee satisfaction and productivity.

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AI platform and applications

Learn more about how Microsoft is driving digital transformation and innovation.

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