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Our solution has everything you need to build, train and deploy AI into your existing industrial control systems.

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  • Simulators supported by Project Bonsai

    Project Bonsai uses simulations as training environments for advanced AI-based control systems. Engineers can use existing simulation models with the service and add intelligent decision making to their real-world system.


    Explore our gallery of popular simulation tools that work with Bonsai.

  • AnyLogic

    AnyLogic™ is the industry leader in dynamic simulation modelling software for business applications, enabling analysts, engineers and managers to gain deeper insights into their organisations, optimise complex systems and enable reinforcement learning.

    Learn about AnyLogic
  • MathWorks

    MathWorks is the maker of MATLAB and Simulink, mathematical computing software used by engineers, scientists, mathematicians and researchers for data analysis, control system design, multi-domain simulations and embedded systems.

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  • MuJoCo

    MuJoCo stands for Multi-Joint dynamics with Contact, developed by Emo Todorov for Roboti LLC. MuJoCo is a physics engine that facilitates development in robotics, biomechanics, graphics and animation. It offers speed, accuracy and modelling power for areas where fast and accurate simulation is needed.

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  • Petro-SIM

    Petro-SIM is KBC’s process simulation software and optimisation platform for facility performance and organisational productivity. Rigorous process simulation models in an intelligent, user-friendly environment create a leading platform for upstream, midstream and downstream refinery and petrochemical processes.

    Learn about Petro-SIM from KBC
  • Rhinoceros 3D

    Rhinoceros 3D is an accurate, free-form modeller. Rhino can create, edit, analyse, document, render, animate and translate NURBS* curves, surfaces and solids, point clouds, and polygon meshes. There are no limits on complexity, degree or size beyond those of your hardware.

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Get started with autonomous systems

Learn more about how you can start applying autonomous systems to your intelligent solutions.