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Welcome to the AI Academy

Get the skills you need to leverage the power of AI

AI is quickly becoming an important part of our lives, whether that's in your personal life or at work. Most of us are using AI every day, often without realising. It helps us sort our emails, automatically removing spam from our inbox. It gives us personalised recommendations when shopping, assists us when parking cars and can even translate languages in real time. AI can collect and analyse data faster than any human, but it's not designed to replace us. It's designed to amplify our ingenuity and allow us to focus our time and energy on more meaningful work.

To ensure everybody has the right skills to work with AI to help them achieve more in the future of work, we've committed to helping 500,000 people develop their AI skills by 2020 through our AI Academy. Our AI Academy pulls together a collection of courses and learning resources to help you develop the skills you need to work with AI so you can fully embrace it's potential - whether that's to increase your productivity or create a stronger customer experience.

Explore the resources on this page to get started on your AI journey.

Develop your AI skills as a business leader

Discover how you can use AI to transform business outcomes

The rise of AI and machine learning is altering every aspect of the corporate and social landscape, transforming the way we communicate with customers and empowering our organisations to achieve more. This intelligent technology will change the world of tomorrow in unimaginable ways. Read up on AI and how to get started with these helpful blogs and our newly launched AI report.

Report illustration
Report: Maximise the AI opportunity
Identify your core business challenges illustration
How to get started with AI
Employee skills + better outcomes illustration
How to re-skill your employees for the AI era
What AI should be allowed to do illustration
How to use AI responsibly
Organisations who are already on the AI journey are delivering 5% better business outcomes than those who aren't.

AI Business School

Get access to lessons, insights and research-driven recommendations from executives such as Amy Hood, Microsoft CFO, and Harry Shum, EVP Microsoft AI and Research, and experts that have experience using AI to accelerate and drive their core business.

Achieve real results with AI
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Use AI in your specific industry

Learn how to work with AI as an employee

See how you can use AI to increase productivity

There's no denying that AI is here for good and will play an important role in the future of work. Don't get left behind. Invest in your AI skills to ensure you understand what AI is and how it will impact your role, both now and in the future, to help you achieve more.

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From intelligent bots to machine learning
Team working on a Surface Hub
Take your first steps with AI
Team gathered around a desk in an office environment
Advance your AI skills with the AI School
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Use AI in your specific industry

Develop your AI skills as and IT pro/dev

Learn how to build AI into your solutions

When made accessible to everyone, AI will transform industries, make us more productive, and help solve society's biggest challenges. Dive in and learn how to start building intelligence into your solutions with the Microsoft AI platform, including pre-trained AI services like Cognitive Services and Bot Framework, as well as deep learning tools like Azure Machine Learning.

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Explore Microsoft's AI platform
Two people staring intently at a laptop
Learn to develop with AI
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Develop your technical skills with Microsoft Learn

Highlighted AI courses - our top picks

Man using a Surface Pen
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Two people using a Surface in an industrial setting
Getting started with the Bot Framework
Woman at a desk in a commercial environment
Building an Intelligent Bot
Surface keyboard
Using Text Analytics
Profile of a man in the street
Using Cognitive Services - Face API
Two people collaborating using Surface devices
Machine Learning Crash Course

AI in industry

Explore the art of the possible

AI isn't new and is something that's being used already across different industries to deliver better business outcomes and a positive societal impact. Get inspired and explore the potential that AI could have on your business with the resources below.

I work in...

Financial services

Innovative financial institutions are using AI to rethink their internal processes, so they can turn customer challenges into opportunities. You can also discover new revenue and pricing models by uncovering patterns in client and firm data. Explore how AI can impact your business.


AI can have an incredible impact on healthcare, improving patient care and taking the time and cost out of the treatment planning process, so you can deliver a cost-effective, personalised treatment plan to every patient. Look at some of the resources below to learn more.


As offline and online retail converge into a single, seamless channel, AI-powered experiences will become essential for retailers to meet their customers' needs, no matter when, where and how they choose to shop. Use the resources below to discover how you can use AI.


As the cost of raw materials rises, the manufacturing industry is slowing down. In fact, recent research suggests that factory output is at a seven-month low. If you're looking for a way to speed things up for your business, AI could be the answer you're looking for.


AI can be a scary concept for teachers without understanding the power to transform student achievement. Use these resources below and think about who could be your teacher champions to drive the use of AI into the classroom and grow confidence from within.