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An immersive and intelligent Cloud

Art of Work

SAP and Microsoft Azure

Art of Work Event Customer Panel

Migrating SAP environments to the Microsoft Azure Cloud is a complex business decision, which transforms ways of working by making businesses more efficient. We make that decision simple. Freeing up crucial time and resource to empower imagination.

SAP and Microsoft’s historic partnership is now taken to the next level with a shared commitment to empowering the digital transformation of business customers. SAP provides end-to-end managed services for in-memory applications, database and platform, whilst Microsoft Azure provides best-in-class global infrastructure and a wide range of enterprise-ready services. True partnership providing premium solutions optimized for SAP in enterprise.

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Discover Art of Work

Amazing things happen when two worlds collide. Such as the intelligent Cloud being re-imagined as art, to tell stories of how the power of SAP on Microsoft Azure is transforming the way businesses work. Providing unique insight into why SAP migration to Microsoft Azure is a complex business-critical decision made simple. One that empowers human imagination and interaction to help enterprises better define their future.

Customer Inspired Art

Three world-class art installations. Imagined by cutting-edge London studios and inspired by three SAP on Microsoft Azure customers in different stages of their migration journey.


Cloud Ensemble

Exhibited at London Tech Week’s TechXLR8, ExCel London.

Imagined by Architecture Social Club and inspired by Centrica, ‘Cloud Ensemble’ reacts to human proximity with a multi-sensory analogy of the global energy company’s migration of its 70 Terabyte SAP estate to the Microsoft Azure intelligent Cloud.

Leveraging Cloud enabled capabilities of SAP S4 HANA brings new levels of standardisation and flexibility to transform many inefficient legacy on-premise data systems. Whilst SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure’s in-memory, AI infused database brings real-time analytics capabilities that enable the creation of new products and propositions to attract and serve increasing numbers of customers.

‘Cloud Ensemble’ expresses how Centrica’s SAP to Microsoft Azure mission-critical migration gives it the resilience and predictive intelligence to plan and deliver a more agile future.

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Responsive Potential

Exhibited at OXO2

Imagined by FIELD, inspired by Co-op, ‘Responsive Potential’ is a sensing, responsive immersion into the retail data architecture of the future. Where simply picking up a product represents how data efficiency impacts the ability of supply chains to get the right products into the right stores at the right time.

As an increasingly data-driven, digitally connected company serving 11 million weekly shoppers in over 2,500 Food stores across every UK postal area, the decision to “take the complexity out of IT” by migrating its SAP data to the Microsoft Azure Cloud is driven by Co-op’s desire for flexibility, agility and cost efficiency. By better supporting future upscaling - than legacy on-premise data centres - SAP migration to Microsoft Azure is key to the Co-op’s commercial growth ambitions. Helping create a superior customer experience thanks to more reliable forecasting of consumer demand.

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Adaptive Cognition

Exhibited at OXO2

Imagined by FIELD. Inspired by City & Guilds Group. ‘Adaptive Cognition’ is an interactive journey through the evolving data-verse of the learning organisation’s global curriculum.

Microsoft’s human-driven innovation inspired City & Guilds Group with the confidence that Microsoft Azure was the right choice for the mission-critical migration of its SAP curriculum environment to the Cloud. Creating operational elasticity that saves £1million a year to be reinvested to improve students’ learning in the largest ‘campus’ in the world. Whilst analytics pin-point online experiences students respond well and not so well to, so they can be corrected. Fast.

Now processing 50,000 SAP transactions a day (18 million a year), the seamless integration of its systems on the Microsoft Azure intelligent Cloud is helping City & Guilds Group achieve ambitious international growth plans.

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