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Business Leadership Series

Hear from thought leaders from Microsoft, our customers and partners, as they inspire, inform and provide actionable insights on how organisations can harness technology to create a fair, inclusive workplace and bring about sustainable growth for economic and societal recovery.

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Day 1

Watch Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, Clare Barclay, Vice President, Microsoft UK, academic experts, our customers and partners as they discuss the role of organisations in the UK to create a blueprint for competitiveness for social and economic growth.

Setting the UK's competitive context and recovery opportunity

Clare Barclay, Vice President Microsoft UK talks about the state of UK competitiveness and the importance of tech intensity in fuelling economic recovery.

Accelerating economic and societal growth

Watch global business leaders as they share insights, learnings and best practice on the role of business in accelerating economic and societal growth in a sustainable manner.

Research reveal: Creating a blueprint for UK competitiveness

Dr Chris Brauer from Goldsmith's University of London deep dives into research which shows how we can boost Britain's economic recovery by raising UK firm competitiveness.

Customer panel: The road to economic recovery

Hear directly from industry experts and gain practical advice and tips on navigating the new world of work.

Day 2

Learn how to achieve long-term business success with data and analytics, using it to not only provide insights for better decision making, but to empower everyone in society. We'll also share how environmental sustainability and empowering new skills and talent is key for long-term business success.

Harnessing data and AI for a more accessible, inclusive world

Watch our AI for Good cohort, Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Microsoft's Chief Accessibility Officer and Hector Minto, Accessibility Evangelist as they discuss how we can harness data and AI to empower everyone in society.

The economics of environmental sustainability - Moving from ambition to action

Environmental sustainability is key for long-term business success. Leaders from Microsoft, PwC, techUK and DEFRA discuss how companies can move from ambition to action.

How can data become a superpower for UK leaders?

Data has shifted the paradigm of 'knowing' for organisations to generating new information and new ways to uncover it. Discover how it can become your organisation's superpower.

Thinking differently about skills and talent in the new world of work

Watch business leaders as they discuss the talent challenges organisations are facing today, and the practical steps to take to ensure to can boost competitiveness and drive sustainable growth.

Day 3

We delve into the ways different industries such as utilities, financial services and health and social care can find new ways to remain competitive at a time of unparalleled challenge and disruption. We'll also discuss how UK organisations can take the AI opportunity to drive transformation.

Partnerships to enable societal and sustainable recovery

Learn how both public and private sector organisations are successfully driving transformation and finding new ways to be competitive and resilient.

Water: Navigating digital transformation for operational success

This expert panel focusses on how the utilities market can successfully navigate digital transformation and process optimisation to improve customer experience and accelerate innovation.

Energy: A partnership approach to driving net-zero sustainability

Hear from experts in business process, technology and deep industry understanding, as they share how the energy market can tackle sustainability with an effective business operating model.

Financial Services: Skilling talent for future competitiveness

Watch our industry partners UK Finance and ABI to discuss how skilling talent helps the financial services' future competitiveness and how we can equip our leaders to inspire through empathy.

Health & Social Care: Unlocking data for integrated health & social care

In this session, we explore the fundamentals needed for creating a strong foundation for your integrated care record journey to improve information sharing and patient care.

AI Skills in the new world of work

Watch a panel of business and technical leaders as they share their AI journey. We dissect the role of a learning culture, recommendations for business leaders and much more.