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Microsoft Security - The team you never knew you had

It's always good to know that someone's got your back

And when that someone is one of the most trusted names in business security, you're in a good place

Built-in security

Every Microsoft product comes with built-in security

Which means you're able to detect and respond to risks quicker than you could ever do alone

6 steps to building a holistic security strategy

In today’s digital workplace, cyber-security is paramount to build customer trust. Protect your data, systems, and business from online threats with a connected, intelligent security strategy that won’t compromise productivity, whether your team are working in the office or on the go.

Discover how to create a secure workplace
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Intelligent security

Cyber-attackers can go undetected for 200 days. Organisations need agile security solutions driven by machine learning.

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Incident response reference guide

A cybersecurity incident can be damaging enough. But how you respond can make things even worse.

See the essential guide

Prevention is always better than cure

Having constant access to solid, up-to-the-minute intelligence is the key to keeping your organisation's guard up

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The security challenge in a mobile world

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Forrester IAM processes

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Security and Windows 10

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Protect your weakest link

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Security Intelligence Report

Botnets, low-cost hacking, Ransomware - three trends exposed by intelligence from over 100 countries.

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The rules on how companies protect customer data are being rewritten

With Microsoft, you can be sure they're consistently applied throughout your network

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GDPR & M365

Complying with new GDPR regulations can help strengthen ties with customers. But what's the smoothest way of getting there?

Streamline the path
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Beyond the GDPR: How to respond to ever-changing regulatory requirements

The way that your business should use, share, store, and access data has evolved. Explore best practices for data governance and how to stay up to date with regulations like GDPR to maintain customer trust, wherever your business is based.

Find out how you can stay GDPR-compliant

Products with built-in security help to create a more secure network

And flexible environment where employees can really shine

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M365: A complete secure solution

Work isn't about routine tasks performed in isolation. All people need is a platform that encourages creative collaboration.

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Empower and protect

How do you give workers the freedom they need, without undermining security?

Find the answer

As companies embrace cloud and mobile computing to connect with customers and optimize operations, they take on new risks.

Here, we explore five of the most significant risks in IT security and what your organisation needs to tackle them.

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If a user is compromised, how can you automatically enforce authentication to keep your organization safe?

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If you're breached, what can you do to detect the cause, respond quickly, and protect your organisation?

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Data protection

How do you allow people to quickly share information with partners and clients without violating data protection?

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Security posture

What's your security posture, why is it so important, and how can you continually improve it?

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Shadow IT

What do you need to stay on top of shadow IT and put in place policies that will mean your network stays secure?

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Multi-factor authentication

With passwords getting harder to remember and easier to seize, what other forms of ID can you layer on protect your data?

Watch the demo