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Rolls-Royce customer story

Watch Rolls-Royce showcasing how they use cloud, big data, IoT and machine learning in their field service operations to reduce costs and deliver an outstanding service for their clients in the aviation industry.


IDC, Microsoft and Redhat join together

You are invited to the IDC, Microsoft and Redhat Open Source Forum at the Hospital Club, London on the 23rd May.

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The Red Shirt Dev tour is coming to London on May 25th

Join Scott Gutherie, VP of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group, on his latest tour.

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Four things small and mid-sized businesses need to profit from the digital transformation​

Smaller businesses are increasingly moving to disrupt the staus quo set by larger, more established organisations using the power of data.


DevOps: A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study

Uncover both the benefits and risks of implementing DevOps to help manage environments and create cost savings. Then, examine the potential ROI for eight organisations that deployed a DevOps solution from Microsoft.

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Create native iOS and Android apps

See how Xamarin and Microsoft Visual Studio help you develop cross-platform apps that deliver a native user experience, native performance and 100-percent native API access. Then, build a user interface right from inside Visual Studio.

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Stress less and code more

Learn how development and test environments on Microsoft Azure help development teams be more agile, deliver custom applications faster and create higher quality software—while dramatically lowering costs.

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Integrate, deliver and deploy continuously

Discover how your team can embrace cloud DevOps to better collaborate and be more productive. Learn about new monitoring and analytics capabilities to ensure your apps are always available, performing and succeeding.

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