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Ensure data protection with cloud backup and disaster recovery

Integrated cloud backup and disaster recovery provide a simple and cost-effective solution to protect enterprise applications and data irrespective of its location. Automate the orderly recovery of services in the event of a site outage at the primary datacentre. Reduce cost and increase compliance with efficient and flexible online cloud backup and recovery services.

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Protect your critical assets wherever they are

Real-time availability of your applications and data, regardless of platform or location, without the cost of traditional infrastructure maintenance. Backup and restore critical assets from an integrated cloud-based service.

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Simplify disaster recovery across your entire environment

Remove complexity and increase options for restoring applications and services quickly with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Orchestrate replication, create customised recovery plans, and easily test failover.

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Free up resources on-premises with cloud backup

Extend on-premises data protection tools with rich and powerful enterprise backup services built from the cloud-up. Effortlessly move workloads to the cloud with just a few clicks.

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