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To access Microsoft 365, Teams, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud apps, a user can register their device and add a work account via Add a Work Account on your organisation’s network. However, they may encounter restricted access joining a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a domain from a Windows 10 Home device. If your company has implemented Azure Active Directory Join, Windows 10 Home devices will also have limited management and security features. If your user needs fuller access to your domain, we recommend upgrading their Windows 10 Home device to Windows 10 Pro. To learn more about the different version of Windows, view our comparison chart.

Businesses are finding they need an added layer of security and manageability as their company moves to remote work. Windows 10 Pro adds several advanced features, including Azure Active Directory, Domain Join, Windows Information Protection1, BitLocker2, Remote desktop3 and a suite of tools designed for business use. If your business is looking to upgrade  Windows 10 Home machines to Windows 10 Pro, they can do this remotely by upgrading their license from Windows 10 Home PC to Windows 10 Pro through Microsoft Store.

While we recommend purchasing a device with Windows 10 Pro, sometimes you need a device sooner. In these situations, you have a few options. You can:  
Purchase a Windows 10 Home PC. By joining the Windows 10 Home PC with Azure AD using Add a Work Account, employees can access productivity resources like Microsoft 365, OneDrive and Teams. Learn how to join a new Windows 10 device with Azure AD during a first run.


Ask your employee to register the device and Add a Work Account on your organisation’s network to access Microsoft 365, Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud apps as needed. For fuller access to your company domain, upgrade the Windows 10 Home PC to a Windows 10 Pro licence.