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Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricing, licensing and sales


For existing Office 365 Business Premium or Plan E3 or higher customers
Includes sales force automation, Unified Service Desk and Microsoft Social Engagement
£ 31.20
per user/month


Includes sales force automation, Unified Service Desk and Microsoft Social Engagement
£ 40.50
per user/month

Best Value

Sales Productivity

Includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional + Office 365 Enterprise E5
£ 53.00*
per user/month

Note One non-production instance is included with 25 or more Professional User Subscription Licences (USLs). For every 20 Professional USLs, the storage capacity increases by 2.5 GB, up to 50 GB at no additional charge. A minimum purchase of five Professional USLs is required for new subscribers.

Note Social listening and social analysis features require 10 or more Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional USLs when licensed through the Microsoft Online Services Program (MOSP) or the Open Program.

Microsoft Dynamics Online Services licensing purchase options

Microsoft Dynamics Online Services provides licensing flexibility, including the ability to mix and match licenses within the same edition. We provide high-value Professional Client Access Licenses (CAL) at the right price, featuring simple-to-understand use rights and the power of choice between online and on-premises deployment options.

  • Enterprise Agreement (EA). The best licensing program for commercial and government organisations that want to standardise IT across the enterprise yet retain the flexibility to choose from on-premises and cloud services. The EA includes attractive volume pricing, the flexibility to transition to cloud services at your own pace, and simplified license management though a single company-wide agreement.
  • Enterprise Subscription Agreement. An option under the EA that provides a lower initial cost based on a three-year subscription, the ability to increase or decrease subscription counts on an annual basis, and non-perpetual licenses that end with your subscription term.
  • Enrollment for Education Solutions under Campus and School Agreement (CASA+EES). A subscription licensing program available to both primary/secondary and higher education, the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) offers the simplicity of counting people instead of PCs/devices. CASA+EES is for institutions with 1,000 or more full-time employees or students.
  • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). The new Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a single agreement for your Online Services, software, and Software Assurance purchases across your organisation. It can save time and money by combining purchase points for the best price level and reducing the administrative overhead associated with managing multiple agreements.
  • Microsoft Online Services Program. A subscription-based program for organisations with five or more users who want to subscribe to, activate, provision, and maintain online services seamlessly and affordably directly through the Microsoft.com website.
  • Open Program. Open Program is a good choice if you are a corporate, academic, charitable, or government organisation that wants to pay as you go. You must have a minimum initial purchase of one software license for an Open License agreement, but you can obtain additional licensed products through Open License in any quantity at any time during the two-year agreement term. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional with Social Engagement and Unified Service Desk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Basic, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential are all available for purchase in Open License.
  • Open Value. Recommended program if you have a small to midsize organisation with five or more desktop PCs and want to simplify license management, manage software costs, and get better control over your investment. It also includes Software Assurance, providing access to valuable benefits such as training, deployment planning, software upgrades, and product support help you boost the productivity of your entire organisation.
  • Open Value Subscription. Open Value Subscription provides the lowest up-front costs of the Open Program options with the flexibility to reduce the total licensing costs in years when the desktop PC count declines. This option gives your organisation the rights to run the software throughout your organisation only during the term of the agreement with Microsoft. You also have the ability to add the single platform option to an Open Value Subscription agreement. 
  • School Enrollment. The School Enrollment is for primary/secondary schools and preschools and offers the simplicity of licensing all products organisation-wide where you can order any product for a quantity that matches the annual count of your organisation's PCs/devices.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government. Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC) is a cloud-based solution, that is delivered on federally certified cloud data centers and intended for United States federal, state, and local government customers and government-authorised entities helping leaders, policy makers and those they serve to achieve greater impact within their communities.  Bringing together the Microsoft Cloud platform and productivity applications with an easy to use CRM solution that helps U.S. government organisations streamline infrastructure and management, get greater insights from their data, enable greater communication and collaboration, and better engage with constituents through new services.
  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. A managed services offer intended for SMB and CTM customers who want to outsource the deployment, management, and support of their online services. This program allows the Partner to own the customer relationship, to service the complete customer lifecycle, and to attach Partner Services.