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Business Solutions for Manufacturing

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing industry include supply chain management and finance, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), human resources, and operations management. CRM for manufacturers helps you improve your customer service and deliver amazing customer experience.

erp solutions for manufacturing

Manufacturing and distribution capabilities

Are you ready to engage and execute in intelligent operations?

Today's business environment is shifting from the traditional model of simply manufacturing and selling products. Supply chains are now global in nature, customers have more options for where to get products, and they need their suppliers to be true business partners. Customers expect these partners to not only provide the right high-quality products, at the right time, but also to anticipate their future requirements and to identify changing market trends, whilst meeting and exceeding their needs.

This means that your business needs easy-to-use, flexible distribution and manufacturing software programs that allow you to more effectively manage your processes. Microsoft Dynamics business solutions for manufacturing industry address your needs with powerful, flexible, integrated-by-design business solutions that also enable users to deliver amazing customer experiences.

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Competition in manufacturing industry is greater than ever before. To succeed, you need to show a higher value proposition to market. Whether it is through faster response times, higher quality products, or exceptional customer service and relationships, manufacturers are being asked to do more. To maintain a competitive advantage, you require flexibility in your manufacturing operations and must continually drive innovation—not only in the marketplace but also in how you do business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a manufacturing ERP solution that is architected with flexibility and change in mind, built with operational excellence at its core, and focused on allowing you to drive innovation and be the market leader. It will answer all your manufacturing ERP requirements.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with manufacturing resource planning, as well as their supply chain and operations management needs. It's quick to implement and easy to use, with the power and flexibility you need for a growing business.

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Medical Manufacturing: Optimise. Improve. Exceed.

Manage the complete customer lifecycle, provide great customer experiences, and improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Medical Manufacturing companies rely on FieldOne, from Microsoft, to strengthen their field service management on every level – meeting customer demands, improving productivity, and process optimisation. We provide the medical manufacturing industry with real-time access to service data but also remain compliant in this highly regulated industry.

Field One allows you to:

  • Upsell products and services in the context of a successful service visit
  • Optimise parts pickups and schedule service based on inventory availability 
  • Increase first-time fix rate, reducing the need for follow-up visits
  • Balance repair work with installation and maintenance visits
  • Reduce travel between jobs by increasing daily rate of completed jobs
Today, field service technology can automate the overall process by providing information at your fingertips through your mobile device so you can concentrate on providing quality service, increasing revenue, and positioning yourself wisely for the future.


For distributors, operational effectiveness is a must, but simply being effective is not enough. No longer is the business just a process of moving product from one place to another. Now, distributors face challenges in effective inventory control, changing regulations, and how to best leverage technology.

It means that you must change and adapt in how you manage distribution operations and how you do business with partners. You must identify new, faster (yet less costly) transportation modes and then find a way to extend those cost savings back to the customer.

Plus, you warehousing and transportation capabilities have to be world-class. Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers distribution ERP software that is built to provide operations and logistics excellence for distributors while also offering 360-degree visibility and control throughout the entire supply chain.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps small and medium-sized distributors manage their financials, supply chain and operations. Giving distributors real-time visibility and analytics to track performance, and with multi-currency capabilities, it is a business solution that is designed to help you grow your business.

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New consumer technologies have deeply affected the manufacturing industry. Now, with access to information wherever customers are—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—the meaning of customer service has changed. Customers expect quality, personalised service also from manufacturers across the web, social, mobile, and phone.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for manufacturers, you can earn customers for life by providing relevant, personalised service—at any time and via any channel. You can empower your customer service agents with everything they need at their fingertips to deliver amazing customer service.

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Thanks to today's technology, customers are better informed than ever before and have more buying options on how and where to buy things. They are making buying decisions long before you even engage with them. It is critical that manufacturers are ready to engage with customers to build deeper relationships whilst personalising every interaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM manufacturing software helps you focus on what's most important to your customers, win faster with the right tools and information, and sell more with a toolset that effectively manages and enhances your sales efforts. Your sales representatives can zero in and focus on the most impactful activities. You can win faster by making every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive. And you can sell more with better insight, understanding, and pipeline confidence.

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Manufacturers have traditionally just focused on operational efficiencies. Although this is still very important, producing and distributing products cost effectively is simply not enough, since you can't cut enough costs to get to desired profitability goals. You now need to focus more on the marketplace itself, and this means getting better at marketing.

However, marketing is changing rapidly also in manufacturing industry. Marketers own more of the customer journey and must engage customers in new ways across new channels to deliver amazing experiences, whilst tracking the results of the marketing investments. With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing CRM solution for manufacturers, we help you unleash your marketing potential. You can easily plan, execute, and measure manufacturing campaigns from start to finish. Bring your marketing vision to life—engage customers across all channels, build pipeline, and demonstrate the impact of your marketing.

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Increase the speed of doing business

Increase the speed of doing business

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