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Academic research

Researchers around the world are using Microsoft Azure to accelerate their research. Microsoft Azure provides an open, flexible, global platform that supports multiple programing languages, tools, and frameworks allowing researchers to achieve faster results using the cloud.

Research opportunities

Microsoft provides technology, resources, and expertise to empower researchers advancing essential knowledge.

STRIDES Initiative

Through the STRIDES Initiative, NIH-funded researchers and institutions can accelerate analysis of datasets with special pricing on advanced cloud technology.

NSF CloudBank

Supported by National Science Foundation (NSF), CloudBank provides access to Microsoft Azure for computer science research and education.

Microsoft Research fellowships

Microsoft Research offers fellowships and collaborative research opportunities across a variety of disciplines.

Find your Microsoft Azure OCRE partner

From overcoming economic disruption to tackling climate change, we have a unique opportunity to work together to build a strategy for a post-carbon future. Microsoft Azure provides a scalable cloud infrastructure to accelerate science-led discovery and innovation.

Get support for your research projects

Accelerate your research with Azure Research credits, cloud training, and resources from Microsoft Azure.

Create a proof of concept, migrate existing research workloads and datasets to the cloud, or build tools to facilitate research with free Azure Research Credits.

Learn how to manage research workloads in the cloud with free, on-demand training tailored for researchers and research technology professionals.

Connect with distinguished researchers, research IT professionals, and Microsoft technologists using Azure to accelerate research and discovery.

Accelerate research with AI and cloud computing

Bring your favourite open-source tools to the cloud and leverage Microsoft Azure’s AI, HPC, and discipline-specific tools to arrive at new insights faster.

Case study

Duke University and Microsoft AI for Health join forces to create unique COVID-19 ventilator

Learn how tech and science professionals from Duke University and Microsoft AI for Health raced against the clock to win approval for emergency use of a unique ventilator to help COVID-19 patients, just as hospitals faced shortages.

Explore insights, visualisations, and data sources

Securely share data with collaborators, access valuable open datasets, and unify data from disparate sources—all within Microsoft Azure.

Case study

Streamline security and compliance with a cloud-based research system

Learn how Kansas State University and Microsoft developed the Research Information Security Enclave (RISE) to secure cloud resources with a familiar desktop interface—and how your academic research program can realize the benefits of streamlined security and compliance.

Case study

ANU pioneers next-generation genome research by moving to the cloud

At Australian National University (ANU) researchers at the John Curtin School of Medical Research use Microsoft Azure to conduct studies using genome-scale data. This groundbreaking work has shown how cloud computing can be harnessed to tackle genome analysis, simulations, and visualisations, potentially opening the door for widespread clinical application.

Share resources, workloads, and expertise

Collaborative research and data sharing can act as a catalyst for breakthrough research. Seamlessly share access to templates, datasets, containers, and spreadsheets in a unified hub with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams.

Case study

Archeologists use Microsoft Azure-powered Internet of Things (IoT) to save ancient Roman site

A team of engineers at the Politecnico di Milano University has leveraged the harnessing power of Microsoft Azure to build a simplified IoT system for archeologists who were struggling to access an underground site in Rome. The workers were able to monitor the site remotely and determine how environmental factors were affecting the sculptures.

Safeguard research data in a secure cloud environment

Case study

University of Pittsburgh innovates in biomedical research by securing data in the cloud

Researchers in the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Biomedical Informatics turned to Microsoft Azure to deploy a secure research enclave. Now they can collaborate with researchers from multiple outside institutions while protecting sensitive biomedical data as they develop treatments for patients in need.

Collaborate with a global research community

Join a community that will open the door to peer-to-peer collaboration, lead to accelerated growth and lets you explore new ideas, giving you faster time-to-insights and discovery.

Resources for Academic Research

Explore how Azure helps research teams advance discovery.

Learn more about academic research solutions.