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Research Technology
Professionals community

Cloud-powered research,
accelerating time to insight


The Research Technology Professionals community facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration, cloud skills development, and the support of cloud-powered research, all designed to accelerate time-to-insights and breakthrough.

By joining the community, you will collaborate with peers and Microsoft professionals, benefit from opportunities to grow your cloud and technology skills, discover more efficient methods for achieving your professional goals in research technology.

Who is it for

Community members tend to work in universities or research institutions as technology experts, enabling researchers through software, technology, and infrastructure.

The Research Technology Professionals community is dedicated to all technology professionals working with research and researchers. The community is open to all technology professionals working in research, in any capacity. This includes Research Software Engineers (RSEs), Data Scientists, Data Stewards and System Administrators.

Benefits for you


Join a Teams community of Research Technology Professionals from across the globe as well as Microsoft Professionals, Researchers and experts.


Our events help Research Technology Professionals learn new skills with cloud computing. Members are invited to hackathons, webinars, architect solutioning and more.


Earn certifications that show you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. Members will benefit from Microsoft funded certification training and bootcamps, as well as certification vouchers for Microsoft exams.


Members have opportunities to grow their skills across Research-focused cloud technologies. The community will be providing skilling opportunities across Microsoft Azure with capabilities across clusters & High-Performance Computing, scientific workstations and notebooks, Machine Learning & AI, and much, much more.


Microsoft Professionals are constantly creating many resources and assets that will help Research Technology Professionals harness the power of the cloud, with guidance documents, solution architecture, best practices. Members can even suggest nominations for new resources.


Opportunity for the members to connect and collaborate directly with Microsoft Solution Architects that can provide guidance, mentorship and solution surgeries.

Case Studies


Archeologists use Azure-powered IoT system to save ancient Roman site

A team of engineers at the Politecnico di Milano University has leveraged the harnessing power of Azure to build a simplified IoT system for archeologists, who were having difficulties accessing an underground site in Rome. The workers were able to monitor the site remotely and determine how environmental factors were affecting the sculptures.


Researcher discovers 200-300 previously unidentified asteroids that could hit Earth

An intern at Microsoft Amsterdam was able to run more than a million simulations of different asteroid trajectories in a day, using Azure cloud technology. His research enabled him to discover up to 300 previously unknown asteroids that could potentially collide with Earth in the next 1000 years. And he did it all for less than $150.


Azure enables worry-free accelerated research at prominent Pakistani research center

Researchers at the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences in Pakistan were having problems computing and storing DNA genome sequences, when Azure provided them with a scalable and highly efficient solution. The platform was also used to provide storage, structure and an interface for their learning website, which hosts thousands of video-lectures.


A massive high-performance computing experiment enabled by Azure

To conduct a massive, applied cryptography experiment, Bar-Ilan University needed the fastest, most cost-effective HPC solution available. Microsoft Azure helped them process 100 trillion messages in just two weeks – work that previously would have taken six months.


Accelerate scientific breakthrough with Azure

Addressing the most pressing global challenges, such as climate change, food and energy security, global competitiveness, our aging population and disease, requires that we recognize the importance of big ideas, innovative technology and well-directed research. The coronavirus outbreak accelerated a new research culture characterized by open datasets, shared knowledge and an explosion in public papers. Cloud technology provides a modern research infrastructure that can power scientific enquiry across huge datasets through high-performance computing and a scalable storage platform, all at an affordable price.