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Easily set up and manage classroom devices and apps from a web console, so students and teachers can spend more time learning and connecting.


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IT resources to help you get started

Whether you’re just getting started with Microsoft technology or looking to add additional services these are the resources than will help you realise your vision for transforming your school.

Deployment, Management, and Security Guide for IT Admins

This guide is designed for IT admins looking for the simplest way to move their school to the cloud and steps you through the correct and required configuration of Microsoft 365 Education products and features.

Start Here

Create your Office 365 tenant

Create your Office 365 Education tenant today to access powerful cloud-based productivity tools from any device.

Import student data with School Data Sync

School Data Sync (SDS) is a free service that reads the school and roster data and simplifies group creation for Office 365 apps like Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class Notebooks.

Streamline device management with Intune for Education

Easily manage apps and settings to get groups of Windows 10 devices up and running in minutes with Intune for Education.

Windows 10 device set-up

Step-by-step guidance to quickly deploy Windows 10 devices in a class, school, or an entire district.

Install apps from Microsoft Store for Education

Discover, acquire, distribute, and manage education apps for your school.

Find deployment help

Here are some additional resources to help with your education deployment.

Case Study

Magnet school transforms learning with Windows 10

STEM learning is front and centre at Fairchild Wheeler, a magnet school in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Educators and students have the flexibility to quickly add STEM apps that help them learn critical coding and science skills on affordable Windows 10 devices equipped with Office 365 and managed with Intune for Education.


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