Microsoft K12 Education Transformation Framework

A holistic and effective guide for education leaders to navigate the complexity of transformation, envision what’s possible and develop a strategy to achieve it.

Teaching & learning

Helping all students achieve their potential by taking a student-centered approach to explore all aspects of teaching and learning: curriculum, assessment, devices, and spaces with a focus on understanding and meeting the needs of all students.

What does modern teaching & learning look like?

Leverage new technologies and new forms of assessment to measure student progress.

How can we work toward it?

By personalizing learning pathways, empowering every student to build new skills and reach their full potential.

What’s modern teaching & learning all about?

Student-centered learning

Curriculum & assessment

Devices for learning

Learning spaces

Successful strategies for creating sustainable change in teaching practices combine online professional development with local and global communities of practice.

Educator & leader development

Professional learning is more likely to be effective when it promotes collaboration with peers, classroom observation and teacher feedback on the job - fostering a sense of community.

The key to a transformed learning system is understanding students’ strengths and weaknesses - academic, emotional or social - to offer individualized learning opportunities.

Personalized learning & well-being

Educational opportunities are maximized through much more motivated, engaging and relevant experiences for all learners.

Immersive experiences have been shown to increase student understanding and retention in all subjects, so they are a key component of modern teaching and learning.

Immersive experiences

Evidence supports that students benefit from experience, from doing and from using their senses. Exploring their environment – people, things, places, events – creates a stronger connection to the real world.

New forms of curriculum – whether project-based, personalized or competency driven – require new tools to access, customize and assess progress for each student.

Curriculum & assessment

Assessment tools can be used for learning as much as testing. Students often learn by trial and error. Rather than making the test the final outcome, schools can create an environment where assessment is part of the curriculum.

Modern teaching & learning resources

Quick start guide

A simple introduction to modern teaching & learning and how it can be enabled by technology.

Social & emotional learning

Education technology has the potential to play a pivotal role in fostering SEL efficiently and cost-effectively.

What makes us creative

According to research, the creative process involves 14 components, which both work together and build on each other.

The power of the pen

The results found that when writing or drawing by hand, different parts of the brain were active and in different ways.

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