Teaching Happiness

Explore the role of educators in preparing students for life after graduation in Teaching Happiness, an on-demand webinar series from Microsoft Education.

Flexible Learning

Watch this episode to find out why student autonomy and flexible learning is such a crucial component to a student’s natural curiosity. Carol Cleveland will explain how iGrad Academy is repositioning the curriculum to incorporate flexible learning and help keep her students in school.

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In a fast-paced world full of endless distractions, it can be difficult to realize when our mind has become unsettled—even at a young age. Watch this episode to learn from Wynne Kinder about mindfulness in the classroom, the benefits associated with routine practice, and tips for introducing it to students of all ages.

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Mindset and STEM

Watch this episode to learn from Dr. Jo Boaler how a growth mindset in the classroom can contribute to a student’s success. She’ll also discuss the role that a growth mindset plays in a student’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skill development, and how educators can adapt and optimize their learning plans.

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The Power of Free Play

Watch this webinar to learn from Dr. Jean Clinton how building relationships and allowing tolerable stress into a child’s life are important factors in student success. She’ll also discuss the importance of relationship building in the classroom, and why involving student emotions during the learning process is crucial to childhood development.


Developing Grit

Watch this webinar to learn from Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart, how perseverance and grit is important to students’ success. He’ll discuss how educators can help students develop grit using extended challenges and tap into their passions by increasing student agency.


Connecting the Classroom

Guest Jeff Utecht discusses how educators can enhance learning experiences by bringing tech students use in their daily lives into the classroom.


Emotional intelligence in the age of AI

Author Alex Salkever and Jeremy Kingsley from the Economist intelligence unit explore how technology can be used to humanize learning.


Relationships and Collaborative Learning

We discuss how educators can support students in building connections and relationships, essential to well-being, with guest Joanne McEachen.


The importance of intellectual challenge

Guest Marc Brackett shares how educators can create an environment that supports positive emotions in the classroom through empowering students.


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