Microsoft Cloud UK Events

Innovate and grow with cloud solutions

Our events can help you accelerate growth around the Microsoft Cloud platform, no matter where you are in your transformation journey. From discovering the potential of technology for your organisation, right the way through to understanding technical functionality, implementation and enhanced use - there’s something for everyone. Each of our programmes is free of charge, digital and tailored based on expertise. So you can bring the right people along the journey, whether you’re at the discovery stage, deployment or development.

With Microsoft 365, your organisation can reach and exceed your goals, streamline user management and bring new possibilities for connection and collaboration.

Microsoft 365 Discovery Days

Get more control of your day with this high-level overview of Microsoft 365 products. You’ll discover the solutions, benefits and shortcuts they deliver to help transform your organisation - and others like yours. You’ll leave with practical examples of the tangible outcomes you could see when you reimagine the way you work with Microsoft 365.

  • C-Suite, executives, business decision makers, IT decision makers
  • Approx. 90 minutes

Microsoft 365 Discovery Hour

Short on time? Join our condensed sessions to learn from Microsoft 365 experts and unlock the full potential of our tools and solutions. You’ll discover tips and tricks, best practices, emerging trends and real insights to help you make the most of all that Microsoft 365 has to offer.

  • Business decision makers, technical decision makers
  • 1 hour

Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Days

Go deeper into the features and capabilities of Microsoft 365 products, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva and Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, with these instructor-led sessions. And dive into security, compliance, collaboration and productivity and discover there’s more to learn about enabling new ways to work.

  • Business professionals, IT professionals, developers
  • 2 x half-day training events

Microsoft 365 Technical Briefings

Led by product experts, Microsoft 365 Technical Briefings will help advanced users get to grips with the functionalities and capabilities of products such as Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and more. Discover the insights, ideas and tools you need to empower and future-proof your organisation.

  • IT professionals, IT administrators, developers
  • 2 x half-day training events

Microsoft 365 Technical Workshops

Deepen your skills and advance your organisation’s critical technologies with our advanced-level Technical Workshops on Microsoft 365 products, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Entra and more. Gain valuable hands-on experience planning, deploying, configuring and managing Microsoft 365 products to help drive creative and impactful technology applications across your organisation.

  • IT professionals, IT administrators, IT decision makers, IT implementers
  • 1 x full day workshop

Certifications and offers

You can also earn our certifications to show you’re keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements.

Microsoft certifications

We offer certification paths for many technical job roles, including different learning options so you can master key concepts at your own speed and on your schedule. Why not find a certification that works for you?

Student offers

At Microsoft, our mission is to help students achieve more. So we’re offering certifications - along with the resources to learn, prepare and get certified - at a discount to all eligible students who already hold Fundamentals certifications.

Learning Partner offers

Whether you’re an individual looking to skill up for your next role or a manager needing to boost your team’s cloud skills, our Learning Partners offer a range of exam discounts to support you on your certification journey.