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Opening keynote

The road ahead for UK organisations

Part 1

To kick off the event, Clare Barclay, CEO, Microsoft UK, was joined by Tony Danker, Director-General at the CBI, to explore the UK business landscape, outlining the obstacles and opportunities facing leaders today.

Part 2: 0:33:40

Judson Althoff, Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft, spoke with Craig Bright, Group CIO, Barclays, about the digital transformation of the organisation, which has enabled them to create seamless customer experiences.

Part 3: 1:06:30

Finally, Brad Smith, President, Microsoft, shared critical cybersecurity lessons from the world's first major hybrid war.

Microsoft Envision UK sessions

Join thought leaders and industry experts to explore how UK organisations can build strategies for success

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Join Microsoft experts and partners in exclusive on-demand episodes that will help you harness technology to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Siân John talking to camera

Trust and security

Learn how to balance security and innovation to build trust while empowering employees to work from anywhere, and helping your organisation adapt at speed.

Hector Minto talking to camera


May 19 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and we'll show how leading a culture that engages many different perspectives can better serve the community, drive innovation and build trust.

Darren Small and Mihaela David sitting in armchairs talking

Hybrid working

Discover to how structure long-term hybrid working that combines connection, collaboration and creation with AI and people-first technology that empowers employees to work together no matter where they are.

Denise Dourado sitting in an armchair talking to camera


Drive sustainable innovation in your organisation to foster an agile growth mindset and build better services, find new opportunities, gain new insights.

Adam Stewart talking to camera


Innovative technologies can help achieve more sustainable ways of working, open new opportunities and help us reach our collective goal of reaching net zero.

Marika Beckford standing in the Microsoft UK office atrium talking to the camera


Discover how to unlock your organisation's potential and drive competitiveness by building digital skills.

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