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Teachers discussing and joking, sat at a table


Transform classroom time and keep the focus on learning

Meet inspiring educators, find proven training and curriculum and learn how to reach students in entirely new ways with technology.

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Visit the Microsoft Educator Centre

The one-stop shop for the educator community. Learn and explore with training and resources and earn badges and certificates on a personalised hub created for educators like you.

Free Inclusive Classroom: Accessibility Workshops

Learn how to use free computer tools that improve reading and writing, including live captioning and Translate, as well as the Immersive Reader function.

Free training at the Microsoft Store

Modernise your classroom with free workshops, training, and in-store events designed to help you prepare students for the future.

Become a Microsoft Innovative Educator

Find out how to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator and join a worldwide community of educators.

Guide to the Microsoft Educator Centre

Get the most out of the free, ready-to-use hub for professional learning. Built by educators, for educators.

Microsoft Training Academies

Start your digital transformation journey. Visit one of our Showcase schools for their free to attend Microsoft Training Academy events.

Explore Microsoft Education

Find out more about our technology and how it can help you transform classroom time and keep the focus on learning.

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Hacking STEM lessons and hands-on activities

Find ready-made lessons and project-based activities across science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) curriculum, written by teachers for teachers.

Sign up for the Microsoft Education Newsletter

Become part of a global network of educators and access more free training and resources.

Lesson plans that support media literacy

BBC Learning and BBC World Service, in partnership with Microsoft Education delivers a powerful literacy program for educators and students ages 10 through 16.

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Contact a Microsoft Expert

Get guidance that'll help you reach your goals with Microsoft Education.

Connect with a Microsoft Partner

Microsoft partners that can provide digital transformation solutions to organisations across the UK. They can design, configure and deploy your new technology and IT solutions, whilst providing you with the support you need.

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School Leaders

Help prepare your students of today for the opportunities of tomorrow whilst enabling your school to make the most of their budgets.

Enable your school
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Higher Education

Help your campus to attract the best students, create optimum student results, and elevate your institutional performance.

Enhance your institution
Teachers discussing and joking, sat at a table


Save time on everything from lesson planning to assessing students. Prepare, teach, assess, track, and analyse, efficiently, freeing up time to focus on students.

Focus on learning
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Learn how we can help you protect your entire organisation with the high standards in security and privacy you've come to expect from Microsoft. Easily deploy and manage classroom devices

Protect your school