HoloLens: designing and redefining the world around you

The cost to design and build a new football stadium can easily pass the £500M mark. To bring a new production car to market would cost a company billions. If you’re thinking of bringing an extinct dinosaur back to life, well the true cost to humanity would be immeasurable – just ask Jeff Goldblum. Point being: bringing big ideas into the physical world can often be costly projects, and those tasked with envisioning and creating these big ideas are essential parts of in their ultimate success.

That’s why many designers working on these types of projects are embracing Microsoft HoloLens. With the world’s first self-contained holographic computer, creative agencies are developing mixed reality applications for commercial customers today. From architecture and construction to education and medicine, mixed reality applications are transforming the way businesses see the world, and bring their big ideas to life.

Often, one of the biggest challenges designers face is helping their commercial clients really see their vision. With Microsoft HoloLens, they’re able to really put their clients in the middle of that vision – the full size and scope – in the context of the real world. That’s the power of mixed reality.

Take a look at how a handful of designers around the world are using HoloLens to build breathtaking business applications.

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