Azure Sentinel – Costing Estimate (PAYG)

In this example, now that Azure Sentinel is Generally Available (GA) we can look at the Azure Monitor Logs (Log Analytics) and Azure Sentinel charges. I have used Pay as You Go (PAYG) for both, using USD $ and EASTUS as the region, but please feel free to adapt to you local region or currency. You need data in your Azure Monitor Logs workspace for this to work.

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Example Query

// Disclaimer: All prices shown are in USD ($). This is a summary estimate, not a quote.
// source:
// Clive Watson Microsoft
let daystoSearch = 31d; // Please enter how many days worth of data to look at?
let ala_payg = 2.30; // Azure Log Analytics Pricing ($ USD EASTUS PAYG)
let sen_payg = 2.00; // Azure Sentinel Pricing ($ USD EASTUS PAYG)
union withsource = tt *
| where TimeGenerated > startofday(ago(daystoSearch)) and TimeGenerated < startofday(now())
// Only look at chargable Tables
| where _IsBillable == True
| summarize
TotalGBytes =round(sum(_BilledSize/(1024*1024*1024)),2),
EstimatedALA_USD=round(ala_payg * sum(_BilledSize/(1024*1024*1024)),2),
EstimatedSEN_USD=round(sen_payg * sum(_BilledSize/(1024*1024*1024)),2),
OldestRecord =min(TimeGenerated), NewestRecord=max(TimeGenerated)
by Solution=tt
| sort by TotalGBytes desc
// stop query here if you want a row by row breakdown (per Table)
| summarize TotalGB =sum(TotalGBytes),
LogAnalyticsCost =sum(EstimatedALA_USD),
SentinelCost =sum(EstimatedSEN_USD),
EstimatedTotalCost=sum(EstimatedALA_USD + EstimatedSEN_USD),
DaysSearched =daystoSearch


You can comment out or just run the lines above the final “summarize”, if you’d like to see a row by row breakdown of the data.

Run the above on our demo data here

Example output

a screenshot of cost output

I’m looking to add the retention and Capacity Reservation – would that be of interest?

Thanks Clive
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