At Microsoft, we’re proud to be a diverse and inclusive organisation. But it’s important to note that our journey is a continuous one of growth and learnings – as all should be.

In the UK, only 22 percent of people working in STEM in 2019 are women. At Microsoft there are 29.7 percent of women in roles globally. This number has continued to grow each year as we focus on inclusive hiring practices and building programmes and support to close the gender gap.

For organisations, it can be tough to realise an unconscious bias. However, recognising this is just the first step. For women and girls, it can be tough to find real experiences from other women who are in a tech career or on the path.

Read about what we are doing to reduce the gender gap in technology and how you can learn best practices and tips to introduce a more diverse and inclusive culture.

A group of girls learn programming basics at the DigiGirlz High Tech Camp in Singapore.

Building digital and soft skills

Building digital skills and soft skills in students is important to futureproof their careers and build a confident, innovative workforce. Learn about some tips organisations and schools can use to drive positive reinforcement of these skills and raise the interest of tech roles for girls.

Celebrating women in technology 

Female leaders who have each founded a tech start-up using AI to create positive social impact, discuss their experiences of being a female leader.

3 skills to position female founders for success

By Alissa Warne

Only one in three entrepreneurs in the UK are female. Discover three skills female founders say were their keys to success.

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Another one bites the dust: How schools can improve the digital skills gender gap

By Georgina Bowis

As talent acquisition lead, Georgina talks about the difficulties of attracting women to STEM roles and what schools should do to improve the skills gender gap in the workforce of the future.

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11 Years Old and Running Coding Workshops for Girls – Meet Avye

Meet Avye, an 11 year old with a passion for coding. Find out how to build digital skills and a passion for STEM in girls, and learn about how Avye is leading the pack with her own coding workshops.

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Unleashing student potential: learnings from my own journey

By Miloni Patel

Miloni leads the Cloud Technical team that helps schools and educational institutions across the UK and Europe realise the potential of the cloud. Discover her path to STEM and her tips for empowering students.

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5 things I have learnt about girls and tech

By Phoebe Graham

Having diverse groups helps organisations be more innovative and collaborative. Phoebe talks about the importance of getting girls interested in STEM from a young age.

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Female enterprise employees collaborating in an open office space, working on a Surface Laptop device.

Early-in-career perspective

Read about how our female early-in-career employees and apprentices are driving the positive representation of women in tech and learn about how a manager can help these employees reach success.

A day in the life of a Cloud Solution Architect

By Holly Manley

Holly is a Cloud Solution Architect apprentice in Microsoft. Learn about a day in her life and the work she has done promoting tech careers to female university undergraduates.

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5 steps to deliver a great apprenticeship experience: a manager’s guide to success

By Gillian Banks

Gillian shares some tips to managers get the best from their apprentice and grow them into fantastic employees.

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Microsoft culture from an early-in-career perspective

By Alisha Agarwal

Alisha shares her experience at Microsoft and how its commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture is shown through their ‘come as you are’ values.

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Contextual image of Surface Pro 6 and Surface Hub 2s with a group of coworkers collaborating inside meeting room

Culture and encouraging diversity and inclusion

The most important part of an organisation is the culture. Discover the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce and how employees can be empowered to take their own wellbeing in their hands.

In conversation: How to remove the barriers for women in tech

By Kristina Michalsky and Anjana Srinivasan

Join Kristina and Anjana as they discuss how organisations can improve diversity, including gender diversity throughout the business.

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Empowering women in tech to create diverse and inclusive cultures

By Joanne Gilhooley

Joanne talks about how organisations can have more diverse, innovative, and happier cultures by reducing the gender gap and encouraging women in tech.

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Investing in your talent: the journey to a diverse and inclusive workforce

By Sarah Hicks

Discover how investing in your employees diversity and inclusion builds a more innovative, productive, and profitable organisation.

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7 tips on managing mental well-being in the modern workplace

By Angela Bos

Empowering employees to take control of their mental wellbeing is important for a productive and happy workforce. Angela gives us some tips on using technology to help manage stress.

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How to find your voice in business

By Eve Joseph

Eve speaks to three female entrepreneurs on their tips and tricks to help build confidence and offer inspiration.

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